I learn by experimenting....then I read the manuals.
I've been studying Perl for about 3 years, so that should
give you an idea of my "code quality". :-)
I became fascinated with TkZinc after I saw the demos that
come with the distribution, but they were written by someone
who knew their stuff, and although are well commented, leave a
beginner wondering "how do I do this?"

So, I started little experimental scripts to test the basic
features, and I'm keeping this as a record of the various "traps
and pitfalls" which I have encountered.
Also remember I have no OpenGL dependent
code in these examples. I would if I had a better video card.:-)
So there are many features I will not be able to demonstrate
involving transparency and gradients.

This is "beginner level code", more advanced programmers would
probably say things like "why didn't he use a hash or objects there?",
or "that reference could be better written as this".

So I hope that someone out there gets a start by reading these tutorials
and goes on to develope some great applications.

I would also hope that anyone who developes similar "demonstration code"
with TkZinc, would contribute it to this tutorial.

Email me at zentara

P.S. I also keep a selection of perl snippets which I have gleamed
from the Usenet, perlmonks, the beginners.perl maillist and from
my own experimentation. So if you ask yourself, how can I do this or that
with Perl, but need a clue or two, check out; zentara's snippet collection