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UPDATE: Feb 15, 2019
As is goes, zentara has died and moved on to Bhakta_joe.
The old faithful unicorn could only carry me so far
in this world. It got me to the point where I nearly
understand Krishna, and it is time for me to seek
the first class man inside of me, and become a true

I am closer to death than ever before, and I no longer
care about computer programming, or much of anything
technical. I am just witnessing earth, humanity, and
my last days here.

My old earth dreams have died, thank God.
Don't waste time on me, this whole website is
just a monkey-brain dump.
It is recorded solely in the interest of advancing
Krishna Consciousness.... documenting the journey from fool to mukti.

UPDATE: Dec 17, 2010
I have come to settle down in blissful poverty at Gypsyfarm.
No more looking for me. It's too cold camping in snow, anyways. :-)
I'm too old and stiff to be doing any farm work too, sooo... I'm just camping out
and waiting to die...it's what they call the good life :-)
My princess never came for me.

Also, I added an updated photo, in case any one is interested.
What does this freak look like? ;-) )

Old info below

Hi, thanks for visiting my stall. No frills here. There is plenty of dry straw.
If you drink out of my bucket, don't slobber.
There are a few choice cobs of corn in here.

"If you understand, no explanation is necessary.
If you don't understand, no explanation is possible"

Well, I'm glad you came. I'm looking for a bicycle-riding community to
live and work in. I live very simply. I dream of Perelandra.
I ride a bicycle. I'm a "macrobiotic-style" vegetarian, but I'm not
totally dogmatic about it.

Over the past few years I have acquired considerable computer skills ranging from building systems,
to using the best operating system in the pc-world......Linux.

old desire
I would love to get involved in web-store management, or software technical support.
Currently, I studying Linux, perl, c, XML, CGI, and Linux System Administration.
/old desire

new desire
.. start a zen macrobiotic monastery,
... attain liberation from the material world thru Krishna Consciousness

/new desire

So if you are interested, or just are curious about the way my brain works, read on.

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Last Update: Feb 15,2019