These thoughts, if properly meditated on, will help free you from the binds of earth.
They are powerful in a subtle way, and are guarded by my friend "kundalini", the snake.
If , after reading them, you find yourself wanting to quit your job, and join a commune;
have the guts to do it. Otherwise, it may be best to go out and get real drunk.


[marker]   My favorite song lyric

[marker]   Want to know the meaning of life?

[marker]   Favorite Literary Quote

[marker]   Is Earth getting you down??...ever consider another planet?

[marker]   Ever hear of Breatharianism ?

[marker]   E=mC<squared>...mass-free energy...and proof of God's existence

[marker]   Need a simple question to meditate on?

................. this is a new work in progress........
new thoughts added as the universal idea pump puts them in my head.