Does Mass-free energy exist?

What is mass-free energy? Why is it important?
A simple explanation follows.
According to our current laws of physics, all energy in our
material universe has a mass-equivalence according
to Einstein's famous equation E=mC<squared>.
Conversely, all matter can be converted to it's equivalent energy.

Also, it is speculated that "negative matter" exists, also
called anti-matter.

Both of these types of matter, cannot exceed the speed
of light, due to the Lorentz transforms, which requires
an infinite amount of energy to get any matter up
to the speed of light in our universe.
This particular fact prevents us from transcending the
so-called "Time Barrier"; because we must be able
to go faster than the speed of light to go back in Time.

A fairly obvious question for a mathematician to ask is whether
there a type of matter with "zero" mass-equivalence"?
According to all of our number systems, if there are positive
numbers, and negative numbers in a system, there should also
be a "zero".
To assume that "zero matter" dosn't exist is a very arbitrary assumption
to make. Physicists get around this by saying that "zero matter" systems

In other words, if it exists, we cannot detect it, and it dosn't
interact with the matter in our material for
all intents and purposes it dosn't exist FOR US.

For us to detect or measure anything, we must be able to
create a "physical interaction" with it; it other words
"bounce something off of it".
For example, to detect an airplane flying above, light
must bounce off of it, and our eyes must pick up the
bounced light. However, the airplane must have
some mass in order to bounce the light down to us.
If the airplane was made of mass-free energy, the
light photons would pass right thru it, and it would
be undetectable by us.More interestingly, a mass-free
airplane would be able to transcend the Time-barrier.

SO........ if we can't physically detect mass-free energy,
does it exist? Mathematically, it should be there.
It also would not be bound by our Time barrier.

Could there be "living entities" existing in the
mass-free portion of the universe? Would these
creatures be unbounded by time as we know it?

Could this be what the "soul" is made of?

Does the mass-free portion of existence constitute
it's own separate dimensional status? Or is our4-dimensional
world just a lower sub-set of their higher-dimensional world?

It is often said that the great discoveries of the
future will come from deep within the human mind, NOT
by exploring "outer space".

I think the recently mothballed project... the Superconducting
Supercollider..... would take us closer to the truth than anything
done in Outer Space. Maybe the human race just isn't ready for it.

Update Sept 2008: Great News, the Large Hadron Compiler
at Cern, went into operation, and will start probing the depths.
Hopefully we are ready for it.