Breatharianism........what is it ????

Most people believe breatharianism to be the way of life
of "not eating". That is a very simple view, it is much more
complicated in reality.

At my present level of understanding, breatharianism is
the ability of the body to absorb life-sustaining energy directly
from the "cosmic energy fields". Much as our earth plants
use photosynthesis to directly absorb sunlight, it is believed
that humans have the ability to directly absorb cosmic energy.

Humans have degenerated from their original state of being.
The breatharian ability has been lost to many people, and is in a latent
state in others. It seems like a fairy tale to most meat-eaters.

What would be a scientific explanation for this ability?
First, there is alot more out there than just sunshine.
The visible light we see, is only a fraction of 1 percent of the
total energy falling upon Earth. The invisible
electromagnetic spectrum is widely known, but not as interesting,
nor powerful as other energy fields out there.
Consider the neutrino flux which passes through the earth.
These are extremely energetic entities which pass through
us and the earth as though we were invisible.
There are many other similar, and unknown fluxes which pass through us.

Just suppose we had some ability to absorb these energy fluxes,
through some chemical interaction, and live off of the energy.

That is breatharianism. A true breatharian would only need
some water, fresh air, and possibly a bit of mineral supplement,
like salts. It also would require nearly perfect genetic functioning
and recycling of proteins.
I see breatharianism as the "holy grail" of vegetarians.
Most of us were raised as meat-eaters, which has produced
a low conciousness in the majority of people. Those who want
to move forward, usually follow the the same path..... going from
meat-eating to ovo-lacto vegetarianism, then to pure vegetarianism, then
onward to fruitarianism, and finally to breatharianism.

Why don't you see many breatharians? It is because it is either
a pipedream, or once you attain this state, you are removed from earth,
because of your advanced state. You decide which is true.

I will say that I have felt the breatharian ability trying to awaken in me,
but powerful forces of earth immediately interfere with it. Why? It would
upset the entire power structure which is based on people's dependence on land
for food production.

"We have met the enemy, and it is us"....... Pogo