The secret of how to migrate your soul to another planet.

Well, what would you do if someone told you you were going to die, and
you had a couple of weeks to decide where you wanted your next life to be?

Most people assume you are limited to lives on Earth but the universe
is full of planets. There are so many planets out there, it is mind-boggling, and
the best thing of all is that you can ask the "cosmic-life-energy" (i.e. God)
to move you. There is a catch, in that you musthave evolved in your conciousness
so that you won't destroy the new planets, as humans have done to the earth.

But if you are not an eco-system wrecker, and are fed up with the loss
of  "spirit" on this planet, pray to your "higher guiding spirit" for
instructions. If you are ready, you'll get the answers to your prayers.

I have a couple of planets which fascinate me.

One is populated by "sasquatch" type creatures ( you know, like
Chubaca, the Wooki, in Star Wars). There is no need for cooking
or fires there. Wooki fur fluffs up when it's cold, so they don't need heat.
They also can digest raw grain, so they don't need to cook.
Even the weakest wooki, is as strong as an NFL defensive end.
This planet has very pristine air and water.

Another planet, which attracts my attention is close to Eden.
It was called Perelandra in a book by C.S. Lewis.
Here everything is psychically linked thru a higher conciousness,
and communication is done by projecting thoughts, not words.
All you need to eat there is one piece of fruit per day. There is
a special papaya-mango type of fruit, which contains all the
nutrients you need for a day. This fruit grows wild everywhere,
so there is no need to work. You just wander around communicating
with the higher spirit of the planet.

I have not mentioned the higher spiritual planets, which are not of a material
nature. I would aspire to attain life on one of these "godly worlds", but
I am limited by my human material nature to pondering material planets.

If you have visions of a special planet emerging in your mind, and you
want to tell me about it, e-mail me. Maybe I'll like it better than mine.