Looking for the first class man

This starts a new, and probably the last book in my journey
from foolish illusioned American boy to a First Class Man.
I hope the first class man still exists inside of me.
I started out as one of the strongest and brightest
young bucks from modern America, then was struck down by
an unknown ailment, have fought thru it, and in the process
learned the truth about existence. Gain comes thru pain.
The First Class Man is a term Prabhupada uses to describe
the top male soul, the true Brahman. It is probably
unattainable in this Age of Kali Yuga, but it is the
only thing truly worth struggling for. This last book,
will document my experience.

Attaining a form on the transcendental plane is also useless, unless you
find the source of all Conciousness, Krishna.

Remember, I am not an authorized Guru of any sort, so don't take what I
say as Vedic truth, this is just the truth as seen from walking in my shoes.

I also use a modern form of writing, which breaks some rules of proper
English writing. Just make believe I'm speaking to you, and the
writing is the tele-prompter

There is no copyright on any of this.

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If it is the last thing I utter, let it be Hare Krishna