My search for Krishna

My first book chronicled the struggle I went thru as a White Tara,
trying to find enlightenment.

Recently, I experienced a traumatic rebirth, which signaled the end of my search
for enlightenment, and my first glimpse of the Transcendental Plane.

This second book, will chronicle my search for Krishna, because enlightenment
is not the end, it is only the first step toward liberation from the cycle of birth
and death.

Attaining a form on the transcendental plane is also useless, unless you
find the source of all Conciousness, Krishna.

Remember, I am not an authorized Guru of any sort, so don't take what I
say as Vedic truth, this is just the truth as seen from walking in my shoes.

I also use a modern form of writing, which breaks some rules of proper
English writing. Just make believe I'm speaking to you, and the
writing is the tele-prompter

There is no copyright on any of this.

[marker]  Jan 22, "oooohhhh what a lucky man he was"

[marker]  Jan 21, don't worry, you are not on the menu

[marker]  Jan 20, thoughts on the wolf moon

[marker]  Dec 02, the Gordian Knot and the stress energy momentuum pseudo tensor

[marker]  Oct 31, the jungle drums

[marker]  Oct 29, ever just feel like crap?

[marker]  Oct 22, follow your bliss

[marker]  Oct 03, my dialog with God

[marker]  Sep 29, the doubts of a mad man

[marker]  Sep 09, the whore of Babylon has Uncle Sam's credit card

[marker]  Aug 09, in the flow of Vishnu

[marker]  May 29, God answers the knock, and gives advice

[marker]  May 12, knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door

[marker]  May 09, if these we're my last words, kicking the Higgs

[marker]  Apr 16, don't bother calling Saul, I called Hanuman

[marker]  Mar 27, as close as I get to Easter

[marker]  Mar 11, this prison earth

[marker]  Mar 02, the essence of the situation

[marker]  Feb 03, aaahhhhhh, Mohini

[marker]  Jan 28, I got dibs on left field

[marker]  Jan 24, being Krishna's monkey

[marker]  Jan 13, being Krishna's dog

[marker]  Dec 13, what I've learned so far

[marker]  Nov 11, the Big Battle

[marker]  Sep 07, the sky isn't falling exactly, .... but

[marker]  Sep 04, bummer of a Labor Day

[marker]  Aug 31, glad to be leaving earth

[marker]  Aug 24, I'm glad I have no children

[marker]  Aug 03, pondering the big picture

[marker]  Aug 01, ohhhh, what a lucky man he was ...

[marker]  Jul 30, earth dosn't seem like fun anymore

[marker]  Jul 26, witnessing wide-spread greed

[marker]  Jul 12, 0m, 0.0

[marker]  Jun 22, seeing thru the Entanglement

[marker]  Jun 14, the truth of George Carlin

[marker]  Jun 12, we all are the lowest of the low

[marker]  Jun 11, Sunday Sermon: I whistle while souls burn

[marker]  Jun 10, Man-o-War runs free again

[marker]  Jun 08, what would Maharaja Prthu do?

[marker]  Jun 07, one simple thing to be greatful for

[marker]  Jun 05, sent via my intel pro

[marker]  May 25 sending morse code to God .....

[marker]  May 23 hold at all costs

[marker]  May 01 your raison d'etre

[marker]  Apr 21 possible last message from earth

[marker]  Apr 19 head up in the clouds

[marker]  Apr 02 fear and loathing on the road to Shambala

[marker]  Mar 26 the Dream awakens, at the behest of atma

[marker]  Mar 14 I mean literally, living off of mood dust

[marker]  Mar 02 The Prime Directive: we are going to the moon to mine Helion gas

[marker]  Feb 04 are you a karmi or transcendentalist?

[marker]  Jan 26 the Great Deception of the Christians

[marker]  Jan 18 the search for the missing link

[marker]  Dec 17 my father taught me..."never give up on your dream"

[marker]  Dec 14 the fullmoon selects winners and losers

[marker]  Dec 14 the lion roars on the full moon

[marker]  Dec 05 a glimpse into the future

[marker]  Dec 04 to all my monkey pals out there

[marker]  Dec 02 house-broken but not yet tamed

[marker]  Dec 01 sitting in a dark mountain cave

[marker]  Nov 25 thoughts on a flat earth

[marker]  Nov 22 from mud to man

[marker]  Nov 21 north and south is more than compass directions

[marker]  Nov 06 Noam Chomsky for president

[marker]  Oct 22 Rod who?

[marker]  Oct 19 drizzle drazzle druzzle drone, time for this one to come home

[marker]  Oct 15 the boddhisatva closes his lotus, to avoid danger

[marker]  Oct 11 the Moon Matrix and the New World order

[marker]  Oct 08 leading the bewildered herd around by the nose

[marker]  Oct 08 think about this while you watch the presidential debate

[marker]  Sep 27 do you want to be free?

[marker]  Sep 17 thinking is the best way to travel

[marker]  Sep 16 a muse of reality on the Harvest Moon

[marker]  Sep 15 where lack of a belief in God leads to

[marker]  Sep 13 I like the feeling of being watched over

[marker]  Sep 11 how about a degree in Maufacturing Consent?

[marker]  Sep 08 the Transcendental S.O.S.

[marker]  Aug 25 it sure beats finding the source of the Nile

[marker]  Aug 24 fishbowl expansion in progress

[marker]  Aug 23 the old raison d'etre again

[marker]  Aug 22 the dream crumbles

[marker]  Aug 21 Sunday message: the hordes of idle homeless people

[marker]  Aug 20 black powder, dynamite, A bomb, H bomb, Lithium bomb

[marker]  Aug 17 prey, and you shall be preyed upon

[marker]  Aug 16 this ought to be a Disney movie

[marker]  Aug 13 me and uncle Siggy

[marker]  Aug 09 the dance with Death

[marker]  Aug 08 it depends on what your meaning of is is

[marker]  Aug 07 et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

[marker]  Aug 06 everybody wants to rule the world

[marker]  Aug 05 the alien immigration problem

[marker]  Aug 04 gazing skyward again

[marker]  Aug 03 wet, overcast, and soggy days of summer

[marker]  Aug 02 cockroaches should be taken to Mars for food

[marker]  Aug 01 I'm happy to be civilized

[marker]  Ju1 29 my Democratic convention message

[marker]  Ju1 24 on longevity

[marker]  Ju1 24 some truth about UFO's

[marker]  Ju1 23 seeing thru the pharoah's third eye

[marker]  Ju1 22 a drink from the fountain on a hot humid morning

[marker]  Ju1 21 beam me up Scotty!!! Scotty???!!!

[marker]  Ju1 20 observations on the American hoy paloy

[marker]  Ju1 19 full moon talk

[marker]  Ju1 19 someone wants my time

[marker]  Ju1 18 premonitions before the full moon

[marker]  Ju1 17 Sunday Sermon: we are more than just space, we are time

[marker]  Ju1 17 the essence of bravery

[marker]  Ju1 16 the bane of the stinkbug

[marker]  Ju1 15 capture the sasquatch

[marker]  Ju1 14 the Pokemon massage

[marker]  Ju1 12 the killer in all of us

[marker]  Ju1 10 fear of castration, fear of death

[marker]  Ju1 08 ying yang, and all that jazz

[marker]  Ju1 07 feeling the curse of the Trail of Tears

[marker]  Ju1 07 a big storm blows thru, changing one's thinking

[marker]  Ju1 06 Dr. Strangelove resurfaces

[marker]  Ju1 04 My 4rth of July Special: The Star Spangled Thud

[marker]  Ju1 03 Sunday Sermon: if one thing don't get you, another will

[marker]  Ju1 01 a lesson in mindfulness

[marker]  Jun 28 is the suffering of life worth it?

[marker]  Jun 27 still chanting the eternal 0m

[marker]  Jun 25 shake, rattle and roll

[marker]  Jun 23 get your tin foil hat on

[marker]  Jun 15 something odd happened

[marker]  Jun 14 why I declined Medicare Part B

[marker]  Jun 12 Sunday Sermon: Traversing the waves of time

[marker]  Jun 08 waiting for Godot in Georgia

[marker]  Jun 04 I feel like Moses, smashing the tablets above the heathens

[marker]  May 30 the Kulapati

[marker]  May 29 Sunday Sermon: in case memory fails us

[marker]  May 28 the peacepipe in honor of Memorial Day

[marker]  May 26 under serious attack here

[marker]  May 26 withdrawing from the human race

[marker]  May 15 the status quo is change

[marker]  May 10 self-hypnosis strikes again

[marker]  May 01 this may be the last generation of real humans

[marker]  Apr 29 do you submit to assimilation?

[marker]  Apr 27 getting down at Dee's birthday party

[marker]  Apr 26 it is better to wise up than to grow up

[marker]  Apr 19 where is Carrie Nation when you really need her?

[marker]  Apr 19 a peek behind the veil

[marker]  Apr 17 my first taste of Krishna

[marker]  Apr 12 does ethane work on devotees?

[marker]  Apr 08 spiritual degeneration in the Age of Kali-Yuga

[marker]  Apr 06 the good, the bad, and the ugly

[marker]  Apr 04 Hare Krishna

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