Thoughts on the Path to Enlightenment

These thought-grams were written by me over the past 20 years. I was dumb and idealistic then,
but some of you may find some truth in them. Now I spend my time with esoteric space research, more practical :-).

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Don't blame me, I'm an idiot.
I was actually considered a "slow learner" in the alien world,
so they sent me here for earth required less intelligence :-)

UPDATE: 23 March 2016

Oh yeah, this is copyrighted by me. See the © sign? Copyrights are
strange legal entities. A Writers Guide I have says that something is
copyrighted if the author claims it is. I don't care if you use this stuff,
just put who really authored it somewhwere on the same page.

I rescind any copyright on these writings. There is a Buddhist bit of
wisdom which says:
It isn't worth a thing, unless it is given freely
Thank you Master Chin Kung for reminding me of that.

I'm not going to go thru the trouble of editing out the existing copyright
symbols on some of the pages, but they are now freely given.
My original intent at the copyright was to prevent things taken out of context,
not to make money.


I admit that I use a Stream of Conciousness writing technique, and you may
see thought fragments from songs, or wherever I may have been exposed to
the thought (TV news and commercials, billboards, etc., but in those cases, the lyrics themselves are my inspiration,
and I honor the authors whoever they may be.


... why am i writing this stuff?
... probably as a record of my thought processes, so you can compare
them to your own... in order to help you decide whether its ME that is
insane... or is it YOU :-)

... if you have trouble with my writing style,
read these as if they were coming in on a teleprompter,
and I was speaking them to you

[marker]  Mar 23 PS: one last postscript

[marker]  Mar 19 goodbye Brave New World

[marker]  Feb 29 last thoughts before I go to sleep for awhile

[marker]  Feb 28 sometimes paradise isn't what it's purported to be

[marker]  Feb 27 the Space-Time Travel Agency

[marker]  Feb 26 it's time again

[marker]  Feb 25 staying submerged

[marker]  Feb 24 taking it year by year

[marker]  Feb 23 a bright looking future

[marker]  Feb 21 once upon a time, a pretty girl told me to start writing a book

[marker]  Feb 20 planetary triage

[marker]  Feb 19 at the crossroads of conciousness

[marker]  Feb 16 endure this!

[marker]  Feb 15 ice cream is healthfood for Homo Sapien 2.0

[marker]  Feb 14 a Sunday Sermon for those who can handle the truth

[marker]  Feb 13 honey! I shrunk the world

[marker]  Feb 12 the chains of life

[marker]  Feb 11 the Middle Way seen in a bowl of porridge

[marker]  Feb 10 thoughts on the presidential primaries

[marker]  Feb 10 praying for your f*ckin life

[marker]  Feb 09 the Big Kahuna

[marker]  Feb 08 hey hey hey, it's Carnival time

[marker]  Feb 05 cold is just the abscence of heat

[marker]  Feb 03 it's all just going down the drain

[marker]  Feb 02 groundhog predicts six more centuries of climate change

[marker]  Feb 01 you've heard of the 5th dimension?

[marker]  Jan 31 I hate sobering thoughts

[marker]  Jan 30 take a load off Annie, take a load for free

[marker]  Jan 29 deep cabin fever sets in

[marker]  Jan 28 recognizing the tree of life

[marker]  Jan 28 Headline in God's Newsletter reads: Humanity commits mass suicide

[marker]  Jan 27 God isn't dead, It's been right here, all along

[marker]  Jan 26 the buddhists say it's all suffering anyways

[marker]  Jan 25 Editor's Choice: Top Ten Ways to Destroy Earth

[marker]  Jan 24 seek Outer Space or Inner Space?

[marker]  Jan 23 eating ice cream, sucking the from the tit of the Milky Way

[marker]  Jan 21 the Learned Goat speaks

[marker]  Jan 19 it's cold, and the onset of Cabin Fever

[marker]  Jan 17 in the spacetime bubble again

[marker]  Jan 16 taking civilization for granted

[marker]  Jan 14 can I patent this?

[marker]  Jan 11 a message to the .001%

[marker]  Jan 10 respects

[marker]  Jan 07 packing up my old kit bag

[marker]  Jan 06 my gift to humanity, thanks for the memories

[marker]  Jan 05 all a mortal man can say, as he gazes into the future

[marker]  Jan 04 the mysterious ways of God usually involve Time

[marker]  Jan 02 what you going to do for eternity?

[marker]  Jan 01 the promises of the new year

[marker]  Dec 31 last thoughts as 2015 swirls down the cosmic toilet

[marker]  Dec 31 off we go, into the wild blue yonder

[marker]  Dec 30 the withering will to live

[marker]  Dec 29 God has been good to me

[marker]  Dec 28 the flucking flux again

[marker]  Dec 27 the lithuanian's primordial urge

[marker]  Dec 26 the only cure for reality is death

[marker]  Dec 25 Christmas Bonus: a plum for your pudding

[marker]  Dec 25 a warm wet Christmas

[marker]  Dec 24 plodding onwards toward Goloka

[marker]  Dec 23 Winter solstice, and the gravity is still working

[marker]  Dec 16 getting fitted for a tin foil hat right now

[marker]  Dec 14 miscellaneous thoughts

[marker]  Dec 11 the really big news

[marker]  Nov 29 doing some elementary recon

[marker]  Nov 21 modes of mind

[marker]  Nov 17 strange karmic lessons

[marker]  Oct 31 a de-composition for Halloween

[marker]  Oct 30 Think Free, or die!

[marker]  Oct 29 a prisoner of my own mind

[marker]  Oct 28 I wonder would Hanuman would say?

[marker]  Oct 27 the Machiavellian reality

[marker]  Oct 26 maybe Bruce has the answer

[marker]  Oct 25 always an Ort Cloud, hanging over my head

[marker]  Oct 23 a ticket and a transfer please

[marker]  Oct 22 Uncle Z's First Law of Robotics

[marker]  Oct 21 the fine print of a human life contract

[marker]  Oct 19 don't your feet get cold in the wintertime?

[marker]  Oct 15 et tu, my dear?

[marker]  Oct 14 didn't Carole King write a song about it?

[marker]  Oct 13 inherent suffering

[marker]  Oct 12 wear sunglasses

[marker]  Oct 10 the end of American exceptionalism

[marker]  Oct 09 the gilded cage we all live in

[marker]  Oct 08 the problem with enlightenment

[marker]  Oct 07 trending toward absolute zero

[marker]  Oct 06 the precarious precipice

[marker]  Oct 01 ground control to Major Tom

[marker]  Sep 29 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...and we have liftoff

[marker]  Sep 26 on Cathedral, On Cathedral, Fight on for your fame

[marker]  Sep 25 the tick tock of the cosmic clock

[marker]  Sep 24 the old chicken and egg question

[marker]  Sep 23 the big question,simply answered

[marker]  Sep 22 the highest eye, sees all

[marker]  Sep 19 a time to lay low in the hole

[marker]  Sep 18 eulogy for my brother

[marker]  Sep 17 my constitutional position, and I stand by it

[marker]  Sep 16 all roads lead to 0m

[marker]  Sep 15 would you know Krishna, if you saw Him?

[marker]  Sep 14 being envious of humans

[marker]  Sep 13 idle musings

[marker]  Sep 12 just waiting to melt away

[marker]  Sep 09 place me on the Road to Goloka

[marker]  Sep 05 Aum gam, namapatae namaha

[marker]  Aug 04 I could have skipped earth, to be perfectly honest

[marker]  Aug 02 corrupting the minds of the youth, if that is even possible

[marker]  Aug 01 Edward Bernays would be so proud

[marker]  Jul 31 just dust in the spacetime continuum

[marker]  Jul 30 it's the 2ond Law of Psychodynamics

[marker]  Jul 29 the big cat sizes me up for meatiness

[marker]  Jul 28 in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

[marker]  Jul 27 a message from the captain of Spaceship Earth

[marker]  Jul 26 just like shooting ducks at the circus

[marker]  Jul 25 the landing zone for space aliens is right in your head

[marker]  Jul 23 that numb-nuts feeling again

[marker]  Jul 21 how deep can you get it ?

[marker]  Jul 20 Monday morning reality with the Donald

[marker]  Jul 19 midsummer Sunday meditation

[marker]  Jul 16 f*ck being human, it's your immortal soul that counts

[marker]  Jul 15 Wednesday, and it's hump day with Uma

[marker]  Jul 13 how to get the gods to appear

[marker]  Jul 04 the wise old owl sings: who who, who who

[marker]  Jun 19 it's all a trap called Babylon

[marker]  Jun 16 how the Rothchilds could become true Emperors

[marker]  Jun 15 an early solstice celebration

[marker]  Jun 07 Sunday misongeny in the garden of eden

[marker]  May 31 the Patriot Act, and when will patriots speak the truth?

[marker]  Apr 22 listening to my first hearings of the Pali chant

[marker]  Apr 17 my grade school nuns warned us about this coming ploy of Maya

[marker]  Apr 05 Easter Sunday and the great white light

[marker]  Mar 24 Ghengis Khan and the great purification

[marker]  Mar 17 thoughts at the finish of Ekadasi

[marker]  Mar 01 Sunday Sermon: Figuring out God

[marker]  Feb 25 why I do my own cooking

[marker]  Feb 22 Sunday Sermon: the darkness of maya

[marker]  Feb 21 feeling the breeze blow across the Ellysian Fields

[marker]  Feb 18 in the Mardi Gras spirit

[marker]  Feb 17 hurry hide butterfly

[marker]  Feb 16 my hats off to anyone who understands this one

[marker]  Feb 15 Sunday Sermon: the Malthusian Limit

[marker]  Feb 14 a Valentines Day, where the living envy the dead

[marker]  Feb 09 my problem with trannies

[marker]  Feb 08 a Transcendental Sunday Sermon

[marker]  Feb 07 when was the last time you had an original thought?

[marker]  Feb 06 The Bull Unicorn Party, thanks to Teddy

[marker]  Feb 04 mommy, Big Brother isn't wearing any clothes

[marker]  Feb 02 was this just a flaw in the Matrix?

[marker]  Jan 23 the truth is the same, whether mathematically derived or intuitive

[marker]  Jan 19 MLK, violence, and earth, live and let die

[marker]  Jan 16 in case something happens to me

[marker]  Jan 12 c C see sea si

[marker]  Jan 11 it's warm, the bear awakens, and looks around

[marker]  Jan 06 for advanced souls only

[marker]  Dec 28 Sunday Sermon: sleep with God

[marker]  Dec 27 the law of the watering hole

[marker]  Dec 26 are you experienced?

[marker]  Dec 25 a season's greetings from the inner mind

[marker]  Dec 24 the rain is on the roof, hurry hide butterfly

[marker]  Dec 23 riders on the storm

[marker]  Dec 22 when the sun stands still

[marker]  Dec 21 Sunday Sermon: God is all in your mind

[marker]  Dec 20 a nice cool Diet Cuba Libre, my favorite drink

[marker]  Dec 19 I wouldn't be a good guidance conselor

[marker]  Dec 18 happy Ekadasi day

[marker]  Dec 17 I'll take the high road, you can take the low road

[marker]  Dec 16 thoughts of hot chicks, on a cool rainy day

[marker]  Dec 15 saving face

[marker]  Dec 14 Sunday Sermon: keeping your karma clean

[marker]  Dec 13 what's good for the gander, should be good for the goose

[marker]  Dec 12 sometimes, something has to be said

[marker]  Dec 11 when a caged canary screams, the whole universe hears

[marker]  Dec 10 animal farm revisited

[marker]  Dec 09 when you look up, how far can you see?

[marker]  Dec 08 sitting in my four cornered room

[marker]  Dec 07 Sunday Sermon: the capitalist's Temple is collapsing

[marker]  Dec 06 keeping your cool

[marker]  Dec 05 word of the year nomination: zeitgeist

[marker]  Dec 03 Thank You, Lord Damodora

[marker]  Dec 02 thoughts on today's Mokshada Ekadasi

[marker]  Dec 01 doing the moksa-dharma

[marker]  Nov 30 Sunday Sermon: discovering why I always liked ice cream

[marker]  Nov 29 do we exist for some reason?

[marker]  Nov 28 I wanna believe, I wanna believe

[marker]  Nov 27 gobble gobble gobble

[marker]  Nov 26 Holiday Bonus: fuel for the fire in Ferguson

[marker]  Nov 26 reviving the Blue Shiva of Rishikesh

[marker]  Nov 25 deep into the coffee

[marker]  Nov 24 back to the bit mines, for another week of drudgery

[marker]  Nov 23 Sunday Sermon: What are you? Just a piece of meat?

[marker]  Nov 22 Om namah Shiva

[marker]  Nov 21 yeah, I'm a Truther, I gotta know the truth

[marker]  Nov 06 breaking out of this shell I'm in

[marker]  Nov 05 it's a marvelous day for a raindance

[marker]  Nov 04 the dog and pony show of American politics

[marker]  Nov 03 sending the bat signal

[marker]  Nov 02 thermogenesis

[marker]  Nov 01 I'm no saint, but this is what I see

[marker]  Oct 31 magic is real, black cats can be lucky

[marker]  Oct 29 coming out the other side, surviving

[marker]  Oct 23 the Eye of the Tiger and the Big Question

[marker]  Oct 20 survival isn't always the preferred option

[marker]  Oct 19 Sunday Sermon: the Gong of God

[marker]  Oct 18 oooh, that smell again

[marker]  Oct 17 the Great White Light

[marker]  Oct 16 it's Malthusian man

[marker]  Oct 15 10,9,8,7,6,5 ...we have a shutdown, O2 problem

[marker]  Oct 12 Sunday Sermon: Believing in God

[marker]  Oct 10 _________ i ________

[marker]  Oct 09 defending God in a court of Law

[marker]  Oct 07 suicide by Ebola

[marker]  Oct 05 is this what's called a death wish?

[marker]  Sep 27 now, I have a present for you

[marker]  Sep 25 the fire down below

[marker]  Sep 23 the Breatharian's Dream

[marker]  Sep 22 the material world is a rigged game

[marker]  Sep 21 Sunday Sermon: brushing your teeth and peace of mind

[marker]  Sep 20 Saturday's Psychic Weather Report: in flux

[marker]  Sep 19 Thank God I'm Fried

[marker]  Sep 18 the world is a mysterious place

[marker]  Sep 16 my uncle the martian

[marker]  Sep 15 I've been concussed, a time or two

[marker]  Sep 14 Sunday Sermon: We are not, and never have been, alone

[marker]  Sep 13 don't touch me, don't touch me

[marker]  Sep 12 HAL, you mother f*cker, open the goddamn pod door!

[marker]  Sep 11 we won't get fooled again

[marker]  Sep 10 the Divine Wind

[marker]  Sep 09 doing the morning chant with Pogo

[marker]  Sep 08 what if Noah had anti-gravity?

[marker]  Sep 07 flushing the cosmic sewers

[marker]  Sep 06 another signpost, on the road to enlightenment

[marker]  Sep 05 Klaatu barada nikto

[marker]  Sep 02 breaking out the jiin and tonic

[marker]  Sep 01 bleat, bleat, bleeeeeeah

[marker]  Aug 31 Sunday Sermon: pass the chips please

[marker]  Aug 30 getting that pruning done

[marker]  Aug 29 in honor of the Labor Day weekend

[marker]  Aug 28 surfing the Time Wave, with Jesse Ventura

[marker]  Aug 23 a dream warning

[marker]  Aug 07 compared to what ? !!!!

[marker]  Aug 06 be able

[marker]  Aug 05 what 63 cycles on earth does to you

[marker]  Aug 04 the after math

[marker]  Aug 03 Sunday Sermon: Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no escape

[marker]  Jul 29 the Urge to Merge trap

[marker]  Jul 28 the last goodbye kiss from the goddess

[marker]  Jul 27 Sunday Sermon: Going North

[marker]  Jul 26 what would the Emperor do?

[marker]  Jul 25 Turn on, Tune in, to Radio Brahmaloka

[marker]  Jul 24 remember the Alamo

[marker]  Jul 23 get your antennas up

[marker]  Jul 20 Words of Wisdom from Senior Slim

[marker]  Jul 19 you like it warm and wet, or cool and dry?

[marker]  Jul 16 hello!! is anyone in there?

[marker]  Jul 15 into the vortex

[marker]  Jul 13 the cool side of global warming

[marker]  Jul 12 meditations on the super full moon

[marker]  Jul 11 workin in the bit mines, goin downtown, now...

[marker]  Jul 09 lay low in your foxhole

[marker]  Jul 08 the Federal Reserve's pothole

[marker]  Jul 07 the mental Haka

[marker]  Jul 03 the life of a paranoid is more exciting

[marker]  Jul 02 the Haka resurfaces, this is life, this is death

[marker]  Jul 01 pray to God, if you still have one

[marker]  Jun 26 a glimpse from the shoulder of a giant

[marker]  Jun 12 misconceptions about reincarnation

[marker]  Jun 09 how to get in trouble with the thought police

[marker]  Jun 02 some ducks just won't fly

[marker]  May 28 Pollute the USA, in your Chevolet, la da da da di di da

[marker]  May 02 possibly the last monkey-brain dump for awhile

[marker]  May 01 thru the eyes of the innocent mind

[marker]  Apr 29 the rent is too damn high!

[marker]  Apr 28 tears of the sun

[marker]  Apr 27 Sunday Sermon: the Eternal Om

[marker]  Apr 26 who wants to play King of the Hill?

[marker]  Apr 25 dusting off my leisure suit

[marker]  Apr 24 give me the simple life

[marker]  Apr 23 just where is God, anyways?

[marker]  Apr 22 just for a few breathes of fresh air

[marker]  Apr 21 my last 2 cents on atheism

[marker]  Apr 20 Sunday Sermon: eating the Easter Bunny for dinner

[marker]  Apr 19 and God says: Are you feeling lucky punk?

[marker]  Apr 18 cheaper healthcare is available at the supermarket

[marker]  Apr 15 thoughts on the crucifiction

[marker]  Apr 14 the quantuum mind

[marker]  Apr 13 Sunday Sermon: last words

[marker]  Apr 12 the right and left hand of God

[marker]  Apr 11 life is alot like a slot machine

[marker]  Apr 09 can you handle the truth?

[marker]  Apr 06 Sunday Sermon: true wealth

[marker]  Apr 05 Spring Fever, John Mellencamp variety

[marker]  Apr 04 that ant CAN move the rubber tree plant

[marker]  Apr 03 viagra in coolaid works as good as pomagranate juice

[marker]  Apr 02 slow down, you move too fast

[marker]  Mar 31 reaching the distinction of extinction

[marker]  Mar 30 Sunday Sermon: why we got tossed out of Eden

[marker]  Mar 28 I'm not just a nanosecond blip in the quantuum foam

[marker]  Mar 27 just remember, starving a little is good for you

[marker]  Mar 26 just think, we can have Rush Limbaugh live forever

[marker]  Mar 24 Psychic weather report: choppy conditions everywhere, caution advised

[marker]  Mar 23 Sunday Sermon: staying on the path

[marker]  Mar 21 faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locamotive

[marker]  Mar 20 Crazy Chester followed me and he caught me in the fog

[marker]  Mar 19 madness descends upon us

[marker]  Mar 18 give the dark side a break

[marker]  Mar 17 c'mon baby, light my fire

[marker]  Mar 16 Sunday Sermon: give God a try, body back gaurantee

[marker]  Mar 15 signalling the end of cabin fever

[marker]  Mar 14 what floats your boat

[marker]  Mar 13 Build a better mousetrap and ...

[marker]  Mar 12 if I only had wings

[marker]  Mar 09 Sunday Sermon: feeling sandwiched

[marker]  Mar 04 I wonder what is down there?

[marker]  Mar 03 yum yum, eat um up ... yum, yum, eat em up

[marker]  Mar 02 Sunday Sermon: this one qualifies for Bullshit Bingo

[marker]  Mar 01 taking care of your genes

[marker]  Feb 28 glowing like a lightbulb again

[marker]  Feb 27 what's a little piggy to do? A big bad wolf is coming

[marker]  Feb 26 Oh No Ahhhhh

[marker]  Feb 25 Dear Jane

[marker]  Feb 24 99% of doctors recommend peaceful easy cheap death

[marker]  Feb 23 Sunday Sermon: no escape from the Valley of Death

[marker]  Feb 22 the ying and yang of it all

[marker]  Feb 21 do you prefer a King or Queen?

[marker]  Feb 20 The 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not leave this planet.

[marker]  Feb 19 Merci beuacoup, Vishnu

[marker]  Feb 18 putting the cork in the drain

[marker]  Feb 17 my mom always said I should be president

[marker]  Feb 16 Sunday Sermon: the Flatlanders

[marker]  Feb 14 thoughts on Valentine's Day

[marker]  Feb 13 Home James!

[marker]  Feb 12 the rain is on the roof

[marker]  Feb 11 the cure for the rainy day blues

[marker]  Feb 09 Sunday Sermon: the opiate of the people

[marker]  Feb 08 how the aliens are planning to bury us

[marker]  Feb 03 paying off the debt, the hard way

[marker]  Feb 02 Sunday Sermon: Earth is nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here

[marker]  Feb 01 scientist discovers cause of the Harlem Shake

[marker]  Jan 31 thus spake zarathustra

[marker]  Jan 30 you have to love the cherry blossoms

[marker]  Jan 29 do U have what it takes to be a Submarine Commander?

[marker]  Jan 27 there are big monsters out there

[marker]  Jan 26 Sunday Sermon: avoiding the Black Hole

[marker]  Jan 25 someone to watch over me

[marker]  Jan 23 don't make any long term plans

[marker]  Jan 22 the Supernatural Bowl

[marker]  Jan 21 seeking the signpost pointing the way to the Vaikuntha's

[marker]  Jan 20 monday morning reality

[marker]  Jan 19 Sunday Sermon: where is infinity?

[marker]  Jan 18 it's a mad MAD world

[marker]  Jan 17 going loopy

[marker]  Jan 15 a lonely man's lament

[marker]  Jan 14 a bowling ball, fell from space, can kill

[marker]  Jan 13 I think they call this cabin fever

[marker]  Jan 12 Sunday Sermon: life is short and eternity is long

[marker]  Jan 11 they say a bunch of souls exist on the dark side of the moon

[marker]  Jan 10 you can't live without them

[marker]  Jan 09 they were called the Divine Wind

[marker]  Jan 07 the golden glow of California beaches

[marker]  Jan 05 a Sunday Sermon: Swirling in the polar vortex

[marker]  Jan 04 strange thoughts when my fingers and toes are cold

[marker]  Jan 02 thinking of my hibernation crib

[marker]  Jan 01 a happy new year from the time_stream

[marker]  Dec 31 I hate meeces to pieces

[marker]  Dec 30 ode to the solar system

[marker]  Dec 29 you need to be fast, to duck Cupid's arrow

[marker]  Dec 28 lets talk about some real healthcare

[marker]  Dec 27 hope springs eternal

[marker]  Dec 26 I need some cheap google goggles

[marker]  Dec 25 another reason to fear Christmas

[marker]  Dec 24 don't let anyone down your chimney tonight

[marker]  Dec 23 warm and wet again

[marker]  Dec 22 the losers now, are later to win

[marker]  Dec 21 The big Ticker keeps on ticking

[marker]  Dec 20 it's only a game

[marker]  Dec 19 it is kind of like Rocky and Bullwinkle

[marker]  Dec 18 getting that groove going

[marker]  Dec 17 the great search for the relief from pain

[marker]  Dec 16 like a bridge over troubled waters

[marker]  Dec 15 The Devil's Trap

[marker]  Dec 14 I'm old enough to vote

[marker]  Dec 13 the curtain lifts, revealing the Wizard of Oz

[marker]  Dec 12 if it's the last word I utter, let it be Vishnu

[marker]  Dec 08 don't exceed my Wattage

[marker]  Dec 02 and it's free, too

[marker]  Nov 23 hey, it had a 427

[marker]  Nov 22 on the Trail towards Vishnu once again

[marker]  Oct 26 I reach out and touch the face of God

[marker]  Oct 25 touch the Absolute Coolness

[marker]  Oct 20 do not try to adjust your mind, we are in full control

[marker]  Oct 19 dying that one last time

[marker]  Oct 18 somehow, this reminds me of football

[marker]  Oct 16 I can feel It, It moves

[marker]  Oct 12 hearing that inner voice

[marker]  Oct 06 enlightenment, liberation, and transcendence in the Age of Kali-Yuga

[marker]  Sep 29 to be free, you must not fear the reaper

[marker]  Sep 12 Zen and the Art of Cosmic Maintenance

[marker]  Sep 11 maybe they just need to give up Yo-Yo's ?

[marker]  Sep 10 the sirens of Homer's great adventure still sing

[marker]  Sep 02 I don't blame you if you don't understand this

[marker]  Aug 30 the dream, and how to attain it

[marker]  Aug 24 take your second chance if you can

[marker]  Aug 23 no better than packs of wild dogs

[marker]  Aug 19 please stay in line

[marker]  Aug 18 my old friend, the Guardian Angel

[marker]  Aug 11 will the real bodhisattvas please stand up

[marker]  Aug 01 restoring true happiness to America

[marker]  Jul 21 people hiding behind painted faces tell lies

[marker]  Jul 13 vive la france

[marker]  Jul 03 thoughts of a death row inmate

[marker]  Jun 30 water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

[marker]  Jun 28 the brave new world revisited

[marker]  Jun 27 as if

[marker]  Jun 26 winning isn't everything

[marker]  Jun 25 the rise and fall of the multi-tasker

[marker]  Jun 23 the fullmoon and facial hair

[marker]  Jun 21 Take some water, add some Time, et voila, we think

[marker]  Jun 20 I wonder how this would translate into Navaho

[marker]  Jun 19 that Akashic Record gets them everytime

[marker]  Jun 18 thinking of little cherry blossoms

[marker]  Jun 17 smoking cigarettes and watching Capt. Kangaroo

[marker]  Jun 16 life is just a bowl of cherries

[marker]  Jun 15 just thinking again about the spacetime event horizon

[marker]  Jun 05 of mice and men

[marker]  Jun 01 trail of tears on my mind

[marker]  May 27 may your Elysian fields be green

[marker]  May 24 watch out, the boogie men are out there, flying at night

[marker]  May 23 yes Mam, scientists are working on it, right now, just for you

[marker]  May 21 do you want God or the Devil to kill you?

[marker]  May 17 thru the eye of a needle

[marker]  May 13 I think, therefore I eat

[marker]  May 05 3 minutes of fiction

[marker]  Apr 23 can you handle the truth?

[marker]  Apr 14 waiting for God, oh?

[marker]  Apr 09 inquiring minds want to know

[marker]  Apr 01 all they need to do is make it legal

[marker]  Mar 31 Happy Easter from Buddha

[marker]  Mar 30 professor, I think I figured it out

[marker]  Mar 29 Yum Yum Etum Up

[marker]  Mar 27 the long hard suck

[marker]  Mar 26 Another one bites the dust

[marker]  Mar 17 Sunday Sermon ... God's great gift to us... death

[marker]  Mar 15 the Devil is in the details

[marker]  Mar 12 the Weight

[marker]  Feb 22 enemy inside the wire !!!!!

[marker]  Feb 17 for successful space travel, form must follow function

[marker]  Feb 11 the potala is getting a bit crowded anyways

[marker]  Feb 07 twinkle twinkle little star, up close, how big you are

[marker]  Feb 06 you knew I was a tiger when you put me in this cage

[marker]  Feb 05 the brotherhood of the hands

[marker]  Feb 04 the monday morning bird report

[marker]  Feb 03 putting the big game into perspective

[marker]  Feb 01 first and 10, do it again, first and 10, do it again

[marker]  Jan 31 now that is alot of milk

[marker]  Jan 30 in the feeding trough of Poseiden

[marker]  Jan 29 We have met the aliens, and they are us

[marker]  Jan 28 realizing the power of karma

[marker]  Jan 27 another Sunday Sermon, with an eastern slant

[marker]  Jan 26 it ain't exactly howling, but...

[marker]  Jan 25 be careful of what you ask for

[marker]  Jan 24 peekaboo, I see you

[marker]  Jan 23 they call me Dr. Frankeneinstein

[marker]  Jan 22 my imaginary friends keeps me company

[marker]  Jan 21 do you have a relative on Mars?

[marker]  Jan 20 would you like some 0m with that Semper Fi?

[marker]  Jan 19 the fragile thin atmosphere

[marker]  Jan 18 this isn't a video game

[marker]  Jan 17 still dreaming of the final frontier

[marker]  Jan 16 your upgraded First Class ticket to Hell is ready at the gate

[marker]  Jan 15 selling fullfillment

[marker]  Jan 14 maybe I could join the French Foreign Legion?

[marker]  Jan 13 appropriate thoughts for a Sunday

[marker]  Jan 12 are you being figurative or literal?

[marker]  Jan 11 am I one of the Chosin few?

[marker]  Jan 10 Victory for the forces of democratic freedom!

[marker]  Jan 09 you have a free will ... but think twice

[marker]  Jan 08 the cosmic con man

[marker]  Jan 07 the call of the wild

[marker]  Jan 06 first Sunday Sermon of 2013

[marker]  Jan 04 Connectivity ... the junkie fix for lost and lonely souls

[marker]  Jan 03 staring into the eyes of the king cobra

[marker]  Jan 02 abandon all hope, ye who enter here

[marker]  Jan 01 hope for the future

[marker]  Dec 31 the freaks of genius

[marker]  Dec 30 the last Sunday Sermon of 2012

[marker]  Dec 28 remembering the story of the sailor killing the Albatross

[marker]  Dec 27 What? Me Worry?

[marker]  Dec 26 thanks for the gift

[marker]  Dec 25 a moron's merry christmas prayer

[marker]  Dec 24 solving the great dilemma

[marker]  Dec 22 pondering just how small we are

[marker]  Dec 21 winter is so cool

[marker]  Dec 20 the Apocalypto party

[marker]  Dec 19 looking beyond the solstice, even the sun must die

[marker]  Dec 18 thinking of me, and Anne Hathaway

[marker]  Dec 16 protection from the hidden world

[marker]  Dec 15 groping in the dark

[marker]  Dec 14 learning to let go

[marker]  Dec 11 trying to catch the elusive cosmic butterfly

[marker]  Dec 10 my frames are dragging more than usual

[marker]  Dec 09 the best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray

[marker]  Dec 07 the king isn't wearing any clothes

[marker]  Dec 05 honey doll, please pass me the bottle of viagra

[marker]  Dec 04 Instructions for the Spaceship Earth Escape pods

[marker]  Dec 03 hope for the best ... prepare for the worst

[marker]  Nov 30 does using the rear-view mirror count as looking back?

[marker]  Nov 29 another full moon on the road to doom and gloom

[marker]  Nov 27 we are just one big happy family, right?

[marker]  Nov 24 the perspiration of the spirit ... the soul sweat

[marker]  Nov 23 the fun has gone out of christmas shopping

[marker]  Nov 22 this freebird ain't gonna be cooked today

[marker]  Nov 20 resistance is futile, the big U in you

[marker]  Nov 19 the cosmic coincidence of Yogi Bear's name

[marker]  Nov 16 it's going to be a Twinkie Thanksgiving for me

[marker]  Nov 15 the need to breed

[marker]  Nov 14 the only hope we got, is in the future

[marker]  Nov 12 biting the bullet

[marker]  Nov 10 for a man, there is nothing like an erection

[marker]  Nov 09 Gravity Train 42 now boarding at the platform

[marker]  Nov 08 getting that slow burning internal fire going

[marker]  Nov 06 do they call it Erection Day in Japan?

[marker]  Nov 05 in one ear and out the other

[marker]  Nov 04 my 2 cents IS worth a nickel

[marker]  Nov 02 be careful with that dust buster

[marker]  Nov 01 I used to go to church on All Saints Day

[marker]  Oct 31 sail with great caution

[marker]  Oct 30 I, Mud and my friend Fungi

[marker]  Oct 29 my free movie reviews

[marker]  Oct 27 spy vs. spy

[marker]  Oct 26 watch out for the old curve ball

[marker]  Oct 25 c'mon baby light my fire

[marker]  Oct 23 waiting for the deities to appear

[marker]  Oct 20 hacking the Gordian Nut

[marker]  Oct 19 everyone wants to go to heaven, but.....

[marker]  Oct 18 is that an f or ph?

[marker]  Oct 17 I hope this ain't the Titanic

[marker]  Oct 05 making preparations to sail

[marker]  Oct 04 peering into the abode of Krishna

[marker]  Sep 18 The Garden of Eatin

[marker]  Sep 17 the fine art of prognostication

[marker]  Sep 16 if IFF() { ..... } else { !!!! }

[marker]  Sep 15 the temptations of Babylon

[marker]  Sep 14 the fatwah on fat

[marker]  Sep 12 never give up

[marker]  Sep 10 the rutting season of unicorns begin

[marker]  Sep 08 would you like a nice Y to go with that X ?

[marker]  Sep 07 put off till tommorrow, what you could do today

[marker]  Sep 06 don't get too close to the Sun

[marker]  Aug 31 go ahead, make my day

[marker]  Aug 30 ooh, I feel sparkling clean inside

[marker]  Aug 29 now take a deep breath

[marker]  Aug 28 What's your Idiot Quotion?

[marker]  Aug 27 self-analysis gone haywire

[marker]  Aug 26 the gods have a tough choice to make

[marker]  Aug 24 damn near lost my head

[marker]  Aug 23 a thought-o-gram from Mars

[marker]  Aug 22 the roll of the dice

[marker]  Aug 21 prelude to the afternoon of a nut

[marker]  Aug 19 the Canadian guy was right, the revolution wasn't televised

[marker]  Aug 17 I never get the dream right

[marker]  Aug 16 hey good looking, wanna try a twinkie?

[marker]  Aug 15 what is YOUR wacko index?

[marker]  Aug 10 TGIF HIGGS

[marker]  Aug 09 wait a minute, somehow I doubt that

[marker]  Aug 07 the monkey man ponders death

[marker]  Aug 06 stepping on the red planet

[marker]  Aug 05 they're leading me around by my mind

[marker]  Jul 30 the Land of the Lotus Eaters

[marker]  Jul 29 the 1's get all the credit, the 0's do all the work

[marker]  Jul 27 ooooh, those energy fields are something else

[marker]  Jul 26 Join the Borg, it has great benefits

[marker]  Jul 25 homage to the soy god

[marker]  Jul 24 generally good advice from the guru

[marker]  Jul 23 a great weight loss system

[marker]  Jul 21 what a wacko

[marker]  Jul 20 felling that warm wetness

[marker]  Jul 19 the loser's guide to life

[marker]  Jul 18 a cannibal's can of bull

[marker]  Jul 17 hey baby, you wanna go for an ocean ride?

[marker]  Jul 16 Higgs is on my back again, carrying the weight

[marker]  Jul 16 the sport of kings

[marker]  Jul 12 being a short-timer on earth

[marker]  Jul 10 the old hippy in me laughs

[marker]  Jul 09 what if the God-particle is alive?

[marker]  Jun 27 beating the meat

[marker]  Jun 26 live free or die

[marker]  Jun 12 the un-natural economy

[marker]  Jun 10 thinking deep, real deep

[marker]  Jun 05 I had a dream last night, and woke up in a cold sweat

[marker]  Jun 03 I'm not perfect but I Do-o-Raku

[marker]  May 28 in memory of the fallen braves

[marker]  May 24 I'm finally starting to believe the end is good

[marker]  May 16 Ms. Ann Thrope, my female side, speaks on gay marriage

[marker]  May 14 the pot calling the kettle black

[marker]  May 13 Happy Mother's Day from a motherless child

[marker]  May 08 when will cyanide be made availabe over the counter?

[marker]  May 07 it's pretty obvious what we need to do

[marker]  Apr 28 I know what it means when the duck quacks

[marker]  Apr 27 Let the happy man talk

[marker]  Apr 26 What? Me Worry?

[marker]  Apr 21 42 to the 10th power! Wow man!

[marker]  Apr 11 rocking chair yoga

[marker]  Apr 04 are you feeling lucky?

[marker]  Mar 29 a possible cause for autism

[marker]  Mar 27 may the Supreme Court show great wisdom, it's our souls that count

[marker]  Mar 23 a message to atheists at the Reason Rally

[marker]  Feb 21 hey, I have dream too

[marker]  Feb 19 Sunday Sermon: fighting for lesser gods

[marker]  Feb 18 it's an advance over the wheel, it gives you wings

[marker]  Feb 17 King Tut did it!

[marker]  Feb 16 is the earth is too big to fail, will the gods bail us out?

[marker]  Feb 14 it's Valentine's Day and Pan paid a visit

[marker]  Feb 12 Sunday Sermon: hello, is anyone awake in there?

[marker]  Feb 10 raisons duh what ?

[marker]  Feb 09 the search for extra-terrestrial life

[marker]  Feb 08 I stink, therefore I am

[marker]  Feb 06 this public service announcement brought to you by the gods

[marker]  Feb 05 my first sacreligious Sunday Sermon: Alas Babylon

[marker]  Feb 04 SuperBowl XLVI ... Xtra Large Very Intoxicating

[marker]  Feb 01 I'm just saying... you know, just saying

[marker]  Jan 30 Maynard G. Krebs says: Work is a 4 letter word

[marker]  Jan 26 seeking shelter from the storm

[marker]  Jan 24 I'll trade you a ding-dong for some M&M's

[marker]  Jan 23 life discovered sitting in a chair on earth

[marker]  Jan 22 Sunday Sermon: carrying the weight

[marker]  Jan 18 peek-a-boo, I see you

[marker]  Jan 17 living on the edge, keeps you sharp

[marker]  Jan 16 Happy MLK Day

[marker]  Jan 14 distance to final destination, unknown

[marker]  Jan 13 lucky me, it's Friday the 13th

[marker]  Jan 12 ah, can you see me now?

[marker]  Jan 11 U R what U eat

[marker]  Jan 09 and thats the real story about Palin

[marker]  Jan 08 Another Sunday sermon: stardust memories

[marker]  Jan 06 the great trap one must avoid

[marker]  Jan 02 meet the new year, same as the old year

[marker]  Dec 31 this is spaceship earth

[marker]  Dec 30 the zen of the Higg's Boson

[marker]  Dec 26 the sound of the shore lapping waves

[marker]  Dec 25 the true meaning of Christmas

[marker]  Dec 24 PG5 rating .... no one under 5 should read this

[marker]  Dec 23 random monkey brain activity on the day-before-the-day-before Christmas

[marker]  Dec 22 I just got back from Stonehenge, and here's what's happening

[marker]  Dec 21 the yin and the yang of solstice 2011, deadhorse division

[marker]  Dec 20 that sun is getting low again

[marker]  Dec 19 it ain't exactly rocket science

[marker]  Dec 17 a hot greasy Friday night

[marker]  Dec 15 this will get your daydreams going

[marker]  Dec 14 the Higg's Bozo reveals it's hiding place

[marker]  Dec 12 the dark energy of the mind

[marker]  Dec 09 cold toes ... getting a taste for eggs

[marker]  Dec 07 Remember the Pearl

[marker]  Dec 05 Monday morning: Spilling my monkey brains

[marker]  Dec 02 Your Honor: I submit my revised insanity defense

[marker]  Nov 29 this year's cabin fever is just beginning

[marker]  Nov 27 Sunday Sermon: a happiness haiku

[marker]  Nov 24 a hobo monk's Happy Thanksgiving

[marker]  Nov 22 the manic depressive car mechanic

[marker]  Nov 18 the wise little piggy builds a big cement bunker

[marker]  Nov 15 2B or !2B ? ... the answer is 0,0,0,0

[marker]  Nov 14 can you imagine the luck it took to get here?

[marker]  Nov 13 Another Sunday Sermon: What do we meditate on?

[marker]  Nov 12 studying the luck dragon

[marker]  Nov 11 TGIF, been a rough week, like the end of the world is coming

[marker]  Nov 07 Soul test: do you want the end-times, or not?

[marker]  Nov 05 meet the new paradigm, same as the old paradigm

[marker]  Nov 03 what happens when space physicist turns into poet

[marker]  Oct 31 Happy Halloween to all fellow earth souls

[marker]  Oct 30 the soul and the multiverse

[marker]  Oct 28 what does the world really need ?

[marker]  Oct 27 thoughts from the Dalai Lama, as cold weather sets in

[marker]  Oct 16 what do you think about, all alone in a campsite

[marker]  Aug 07 probably my last post for awhile

[marker]  Jul 11 the psychology of greed and karma

[marker]  Jul 06 Pancho Villa rides again

[marker]  Jul 02 these people really DO want a pound of your flesh

[marker]  Jul 01 I was warned to stay out of Washington

[marker]  Jun 29 I have a beautiful ocean view bridge for sale

[marker]  Jun 25 my self-written 1 line obituary

[marker]  Jun 22 Zen and the Art of Body Maintenance ... by Eve L. Genius

[marker]  Jun 21 the shadows at Stonehenge tell the tale

[marker]  Jun 18 I am more than just a Y chromosome, thanks to my dad

[marker]  Jun 14 No dough? ... Let them eat Twinkies

[marker]  Jun 13 dusting off my old leisure suit

[marker]  Jun 11 ET, come in ET, over and out

[marker]  Jun 09 my rant on the topic of cyber warfare

[marker]  Jun 08 the weatherman knows which way the winds blow

[marker]  Jun 07 Momma said: Don't fall in love with a dreamer. Daddy said: Follow your dream

[marker]  Jun 04 Money can't buy happiness

[marker]  May 31 Witch Doctor to tribe: the chief is unhappy again

[marker]  May 30 I don't work on holidays, another reason I'm unemployed :-)

[marker]  May 29 I'm just tring to get in on the world's oldest profession

[marker]  May 28 happy Memorial Day Weekend from foxhole 42

[marker]  May 27 Smile, :-) you are on Candid Camera

[marker]  May 26 don't think too hard, it makes your head dizzy

[marker]  May 25 I know what it means when the duck quacks

[marker]  May 24 an honest Buddhist's Prophecy of Doom

[marker]  May 23 Khan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[marker]  May 23 In my book, 1967 was a very good year

[marker]  May 22 Sunday Sermon #39

[marker]  May 20 the Sourcerer's Apprectice

[marker]  May 19 Sir: would you like a straw with your tube-burger?

[marker]  May 18 Soul Survival Manual for Planet Earth

[marker]  May 16 mommy, what's out there?

[marker]  May 13 it's Friday the 13th

[marker]  May 12 advice my father gave me, I don't know if it applies to women

[marker]  May 11 let's drop the big one and see what happens?

[marker]  May 09 Wanted: Dead or Alive

[marker]  May 07 imagination in the wrong hands is a waste

[marker]  May 06 I shook the wobble out of my shimmy shake

[marker]  May 04 science, religion, and the separation of church and state

[marker]  May 03 is everybody happy?

[marker]  May 02 revenge is even sweeter than ice cream

[marker]  Apr 29 TGIF ... follow the trail of happiness

[marker]  Apr 27 the sky isn't falling ... but ...

[marker]  Apr 26 it's a fact of life, the weak die

[marker]  Apr 24 Easter and regeneration

[marker]  Apr 18 thoughts for a sunny Monday morning

[marker]  Apr 17 is that a pickle in your pocket?

[marker]  Apr 15 TGIF once agin

[marker]  Apr 12 give me some of that salt-free dihydrogen monoxide

[marker]  Apr 10 just idling along on a warm Sunday morning

[marker]  Apr 09 Pandora has wicked claws

[marker]  Apr 08 that Friday morning coffee break

[marker]  Apr 05 thinking is the best way to travel

[marker]  Apr 04 an obvious design criteria for nuclear power

[marker]  Mar 31 man, I'm feeling heavy

[marker]  Mar 30 true grit is nature's Gatoraid

[marker]  Mar 28 sprang, spreng, sprong

[marker]  Mar 27 do you need modification?

[marker]  Mar 25 if I'm spinning so much, how come I'm not dizzy?

[marker]  Mar 22 my first try at Machiavellian politics

[marker]  Mar 21 don't think too hard about this, just enjoy your donut

[marker]  Mar 18 who will get the Peter O'Toole part?

[marker]  Mar 17 NPR is important for national security

[marker]  Mar 16 Don't Stop The Carnival, we need power

[marker]  Mar 15 take me down to 60 feet, and level off

[marker]  Mar 13 twinkle twinkle little star

[marker]  Mar 11 another lonely Friday night in the backwoods

[marker]  Mar 09 the zen of information

[marker]  Mar 04 we are more than just mud, at least for a few years

[marker]  Mar 03 please please God, where is my soulmate?

[marker]  Mar 01 my tachyons need tweaking

[marker]  Feb 24 everything is normal, isn't it?

[marker]  Feb 23 did you say Pizza-dog?

[marker]  Feb 22 hello, am I nuts yet?

[marker]  Feb 21 didn't this guy have a Teddy Bear named after him?

[marker]  Feb 19 a sudden full moon

[marker]  Feb 18 change some of that silicon into silicone

[marker]  Feb 17 the honk of the Cosmic Goose

[marker]  Feb 16 Superman's alarm clock just went off

[marker]  Feb 13 Grapes of Wrath 2.0

[marker]  Feb 11 the urge to Merg

[marker]  Feb 09 thoughts before pruning the blueberry patch

[marker]  Feb 08 the tale of 2 junkyard dogs

[marker]  Feb 07 please fill out your earth-trip satisfaction form

[marker]  Feb 04 Now, I finally understand the movie Blade Runner

[marker]  Feb 03 one bright spot in all the ice and snow

[marker]  Feb 02 how's your third eye vision?

[marker]  Jan 28 bye, bye American Pie, the day the peacock died

[marker]  Jan 25 sometimes the rage just pours out

[marker]  Jan 21 Somewhere, across the Sea, she waits for me

[marker]  Jan 19 life is depressing, when you think about it

[marker]  Jan 17 the anti-entropic life force

[marker]  Jan 16 where is that Rose Garden?

[marker]  Jan 15 a mutual massacre of scapegoats

[marker]  Jan 14 the sound of the universe laughing

[marker]  Jan 11 at least the days are getting longer now

[marker]  Jan 08 a flash of conciousness, bewteen 2 eternal darknesses

[marker]  Jan 07 a hi high haiku

[marker]  Dec 30 can anyone tell me the Time?

[marker]  Dec 26 Thank God, it's A-ok so far

[marker]  Dec 25 Mary Christmas from Walter Mitty

[marker]  Dec 23 bad news for the jet set

[marker]  Dec 21 the darkest day of the year

[marker]  Dec 19 all my spin is inertial

[marker]  Dec 18 new age polite society

[marker]  Dec 17 time marches forward

[marker]  Dec 16 saved by La Nina, man God is good

[marker]  Dec 14 being seduced by the Ice Princess

[marker]  Dec 13 needing warm thoughts as the wolf howls

[marker]  Dec 12 is that a zero or a capital O, a sunday sermon for astrophysicists

[marker]  Dec 10 who r u, who who, who who

[marker]  Dec 09 the pleasure and the pain of cold

[marker]  Dec 08 if you ask, I'll tell

[marker]  Dec 05 I'm sitting, and thats no bull

[marker]  Dec 04 old movies make me think of the meaning of life

[marker]  Dec 03 the mark of the alpha

[marker]  Nov 30 macho people, needed immediately

[marker]  Nov 29 thinking about surviving the winter

[marker]  Nov 28 roll over honey

[marker]  Nov 27 I love you anti

[marker]  Nov 26 on a cold friday rainy night

[marker]  Nov 26 let the materialism commence

[marker]  Nov 25 a modern man's thanksgiving prayer

[marker]  Nov 23 the great inferiority complex

[marker]  Nov 22 those the god's wish to destroy

[marker]  Nov 21 I'm so lonely, I would......

[marker]  Nov 19 modern psychoanalysis probes the human programming model

[marker]  Nov 17 4 the permanently bent

[marker]  Nov 16 a buddhist's political recommendations

[marker]  Nov 14 the heat sucking vampire....winter

[marker]  Nov 02 the big heater in the sky

[marker]  Oct 22 the big spin

[marker]  Oct 20 oh yeah, a full moon is coming

[marker]  Sept 24 break on thru to the other side

[marker]  Sept 23 psychic weather report: been gusty and choppy

[marker]  Sept 22 Its hunting season

[marker]  Sept 21 do the good die young?

[marker]  Aug 25 The Green Egg hatches

[marker]  Jul 25 Now I too, can never go home anymore

[marker]  Apr 22 Deepak's earthquake

[marker]  Apr 20 what loneliness and gas fumes will do to you

[marker]  Apr 19 the zen of suzanne

[marker]  Apr 18 sitting on the dock of the bay, on a sunday morning

[marker]  Apr 17 the zen of spring fever

[marker]  Apr 15 a hockey dream

[marker]  Apr 14 seeing the blue lines

[marker]  Apr 13 Math ee42, for the left brain challenged

[marker]  Apr 12 its monday, getting back to daydreaming

[marker]  Apr 11 sunday sermon, starwars style

[marker]  Apr 08 now for the manic depressive insights

[marker]  Apr 07 thank you Jesus, what an Easter

[marker]  Mar 31 actually, the revolution is being televised

[marker]  Mar 30 the cosmic radio receiver

[marker]  Mar 29 but my feet get real cold up in the mountains

[marker]  Mar 27 memories of michigan summers

[marker]  Mar 26 how studying math drove me crazy

[marker]  Mar 25 the early spring outdoor experience

[marker]  Mar 24 are you loving being in the material world?

[marker]  Mar 23 back to work monday-morning... the nitty gritty of health care

[marker]  Mar 23 a fresh monday-morning daydream

[marker]  Mar 22 Moses vs. Pharoah, the grudge match

[marker]  Mar 21 a soulful sunday

[marker]  Mar 20 one day to think about it

[marker]  Mar 19 the zen of the final 4

[marker]  Mar 17 the hobo dreamhouse

[marker]  Mar 16 i I captain

[marker]  Mar 15 Advanced Behavior Modification 405, Room 42

[marker]  Mar 14 Jonathon Swift Day Care

[marker]  Mar 13 the family yurt salesman

[marker]  Mar 12 the land of the peruvian kings

[marker]  Mar 12 in praise of nature's speed bumps

[marker]  Mar 11 eavesdropping on the gods and goddesses

[marker]  Mar 10 some old Alaska photos

[marker]  Mar 10 last cabin fever entry of the winter

[marker]  Mar 07 a sunday message from the heaven and earth society

[marker]  Mar 05 am i jumping ship, or being thrown overboard?... by the cosmic pirate

[marker]  Mar 04 making the jump to 4-space

[marker]  Mar 03 flying high again, way out past Jupiter

[marker]  Feb 28 don't let the sharks bite

[marker]  Feb 25 New Deal version 2.0

[marker]  Feb 23 the calm after the storm

[marker]  Feb 21 City of God Version 2.0

[marker]  Feb 21 love note to anonymous

[marker]  Feb 18 an olympic haiku

[marker]  Feb 17 what kind of karma is this?

[marker]  Feb 17 the zen of nukes

[marker]  Feb 15 monday monday, can't trust that day

[marker]  Feb 14 a free valentine day mind massage

[marker]  Feb 13 zen of the rapture

[marker]  Feb 12 seeing with your ears

[marker]  Feb 11 the age of kali yuga

[marker]  Feb 10 do da wobble, da ying/yang wobble

[marker]  Feb 9 get your tickets for earth

[marker]  Feb 7 God's SuperBowl selection

[marker]  Feb 6 fairytales again

[marker]  Feb 4 the IMAGINARY i

[marker]  Feb 3 SuperBowl of the Soul, it's us vs. them

[marker]  Feb 2 RSVP: the Donner Dinner Party

[marker]  Feb 1 why girls don't like me

[marker]  Jan 30 ... and no evil shall pass here

[marker]  Jan 28 Wizard U ... Evil 101

[marker]  Jan 27 the karma of eating ice cream

[marker]  Jan 26 Battle of the Titans... God vs. Evolution

[marker]  Jan 24 the hibernating bear dreams of God

[marker]  Jan 23 the zen of the imaginary i

[marker]  Jan 22 counting the sheep

[marker]  Jan 18 the zen of peter pan

[marker]  Jan 17 zen of the momentum goddess

[marker]  Jan 16, the S.S. Creamatoria

[marker]  Jan 14, the zen of voodoo

[marker]  Jan 13, dreaming in the hibernative state

[marker]  Jan 12, the elusive missing link

[marker]  Jan 11, the existential astronaut

[marker]  Jan 11, the zen of an insane moment

[marker]  Jan 10, Sunday Sermon: Avatar2

[marker]  Jan 9, the one thought, that the world will remember you by

[marker]  Jan 7, the zen of suicide bombing

[marker]  Jan 6, captain of my ship

[marker]  Jan 4, the zen of do do i do

[marker]  Jan 3, the zen of a 40th highschool reunion

[marker]  Dec 30, a momentary haiku

[marker]  Dec 30, i use to worry about Malthus, and now it's here

[marker]  Dec 29, overheard at an Ice Cream Eaters Anonymous meeting

[marker]  Dec 28, it's all elementary binary dualities

[marker]  Dec 23, the happiness junkie

[marker]  Dec 21, the zen of a happy solstice

[marker]  Dec 18, life is alot more than counting numbers

[marker]  Dec 17, not even christmas yet .... and i'm already stir crazy

[marker]  Dec 16, the zen of global warming

[marker]  Dec 15, my request for exemption from tiger woods jury duty

[marker]  Dec 12, oh boy, its saturday.... good movies on tv

[marker]  Dec 11, eternity beckons, so i better start thinking about it

[marker]  Dec 10, cold weather will do it to you

[marker]  Dec 9, the infinitely recursive mirror set

[marker]  Dec 8, when it gets cold you need to make heat

[marker]  Dec 6, sunday sermon: the zen of saving humanity

[marker]  Dec 5, overheard at the Hermit Bar last night

[marker]  Dec 3, the ebb and flow modulation of thought space

[marker]  Dec 2, garlic necklaces for sale

[marker]  Nov 25, a hobo's thanksgiving prayer

[marker]  Nov 22, Sunday Sermon: enjoy the moment, but always wonder what if

[marker]  Nov 21, goo goo gah gah

[marker]  Nov 20, watch out for grandma

[marker]  Nov 19, i think i understand now

[marker]  Nov 16, the old altarboy ponders eternity

[marker]  Nov 15, sunday sermon and donuts

[marker]  Nov 14, sock it to me, baby

[marker]  Nov 13, is this against some treaty?

[marker]  Nov 12, what?... me worry?

[marker]  Nov 9, the shaman speaks

[marker]  Nov 8, this is no lie

[marker]  Nov 4, the zen of a depressing morning

[marker]  Nov 3, this kind of seems true to me

[marker]  Nov 2, new age man invents the wheel

[marker]  Nov 2, beyond the thunderdome...Go-Cart v2.0

[marker]  Nov 2, the zen inventor

[marker]  Nov 1, the zen of a soul left out in the cold

[marker]  Oct 31, the zen of getting a charge

[marker]  Oct 30, happy halloween

[marker]  Oct 30, make more mojo

[marker]  Oct 29, a thought from the eternal thread on justice

[marker]  Oct 28, the opiate of the people

[marker]  Oct 28, a squeezze of my universe juice

[marker]  Oct 27, a public service message from Dr. Pangloss

[marker]  Oct 26, dear fearless leader, after health care, please work on this

[marker]  Oct 25, some beautiful synchronicity

[marker]  Oct 24, u want atlantis??... here it is

[marker]  Oct 24, god rolled a good one with me

[marker]  Oct 23, lights, camera, action

[marker]  Oct 22, genetics and the psychosomatic link

[marker]  Oct 21, the gross national happiness

[marker]  Oct 20, the cool breeze

[marker]  Oct 20, its wonderfully cool down here

[marker]  Oct 19, we are vacuum packed

[marker]  Oct 14, 2009 macho men are being selected against

[marker]  Oct 13, 2009 being dynamically stationary

[marker]  Oct 11, 2009 it's starting to get nice and cool

[marker]  Oct 9, 2009 the healing comes

[marker]  Oct 5, 2009 do you still believe in the big lie?

[marker]  Oct 2, 2009 for the record, in case the wild eyed devils run me over

[marker]  Sept 30,2009 why are they so cold?.. and why does it feel so good?

[marker]  Sept 29,2009 suicide is painless .... to think about

[marker]  Sept 28,2009 ... and I touched the face of God

[marker]  Sept 28,2009 I hate these goddam space diapers

[marker]  Sept 27, 2009 another Sunday sermon ... how smart is God?

[marker]  Sept 26, 2009 a persian stream of conciousness

[marker]  Sept 25, 2009 wow, MAD, SAD, and international politics

[marker]  Sept 25, 2009 are you going on the big sexual guilt trip?

[marker]  Sept 25,2009 hows the weather today? valerie?

[marker]  Sept 24,2009 a haiku 4 u, les es trois

[marker]  Sept 23,2009 star wars has the whole princess leiah thing wrong

[marker]  Sept 23,2009 winter camping yoga

[marker]  Sept 22,2009 how fast is your Thought Processing Unit ?

[marker]  Sept 22,2009 bike yoga

[marker]  Sept 21,2009 the super natural world

[marker]  Sept 19,2009 the Intergalactic College of the Universe ... grade 2

[marker]  Sept 18,2009 the public utility health care option

[marker]  Sept 18,2009 the zen of health care, a really paranoid movie

[marker]  Sept 17,2009 the first rule of soul survival

[marker]  Sept 16,2009 the zen of space monsters

[marker]  Sept 15,2009 the zen of the sixth sigma

[marker]  Sept 14,2009 happy birthday to you

[marker]  Sept 10,2009 uh oh, captain, she's gonna blow

[marker]  Sept 9,2009 we all feed, breed, and bleed

[marker]  Sept 8,2009 we are standing on the shoulders of giants

[marker]  Sept 6,2009 winter camping as a yogic path

[marker]  Sept 4,2009 thanks El Nino, keep up the good work

[marker]  Sept 3,2009 uh oh, neutrinos go thru tin foil hats

[marker]  Sept 2,2009 get ready to go over Niagra falls, without a barrel

[marker]  Sept 1,2009 my civic contribution....please don't torture me for it

[marker]  Aug 31,2009 wouldn't it be easier to do it, like in Brave New World?

[marker]  Aug 28,2009 the man who would be king

[marker]  Aug 27,2009 are you feeling depressed?

[marker]  Aug 25,2009 a note to my fantasy friend

[marker]  Aug 24,2009 I figured out why I like music

[marker]  Aug 23,2009 please insert another quarter

[marker]  Aug 22,2009 ...sitting between 2 mirrors with a candle

[marker]  Aug 21,2009 what is enlightenment, anyways?

[marker]  Aug 20,2009 my burning bush

[marker]  Aug 19,2009 the workings of the inner sanctum

[marker]  Aug 18,2009 my report back to God

[marker]  Aug 17,2009 doing hard time on planet earth

[marker]  Aug 16,2009 the real Dream Cruise

[marker]  Aug 11,2009 the zen of psychology

[marker]  Aug 9,2009 my apology to pit bulls

[marker]  Aug 8,2009 I'm thinking in the rain...just thinking in the rain

[marker]  Aug 4,2009 handling funemployment

[marker]  Aug 1,2009 my health care plan

[marker]  July 31,2009 my hipster resume

[marker]  July 30,2009 ying yang life pulsates

[marker]  July 29,2009 Goddess detection 101

[marker]  July 27,2009 You wouldn't hurt your cousin, now would ya?

[marker]  July 22,2009 I'm not really a human, but I play one on earth...

[marker]  July 21,2009 There is only one ultimate God, isn't there?

[marker]  July 20,2009 A simple olive branch to any open minds

[marker]  July 11,2009 Please let me explain your Honor

[marker]  July 9,2009 Tying up loose ends, getting your SOC's on ...the ellipsis

[marker]  July 6,2009 Who R U my eternal love

[marker]  July 5,2009 Easy installation gauranteed...memories of a stormdoor

[marker]  July 4,2009 the corn goddess, stillwater, and me

[marker]  Jun,28,2009 Getting Brain-F*cked ... winners of my Girls of the Month contest for June

[marker]  May,30,2009 The goddess again.....

[marker]  May,13,2009 Immortal Words

[marker]  May,11,2009 God really hates to do this, but.......

[marker]  Apr,22,2009 I always wanted my own religion.

[marker]  Apr,22,2009 In Honor of Earth Day.

[marker]  Apr,21,2009 Eat Heart Healthy.

[marker]  Apr,20,2009 The best workout it off.

[marker]  Apr,20,2009 Why I hate facial makeup.....

[marker]  Apr,20,2009 Kill them all and let God sort them out.

[marker]  Apr,15,2009 Her 15 minutes of fame, will be eternal.

[marker]  Apr,10,2009 Trust

[marker]  Apr,09,2009 Who owns the Universe?....a message from your UFO friends

[marker]  Apr,09,2009 Why I admire dancers and sports players..

[marker]  Apr,06,2009 Why yes my dear, I do have good taste.

[marker]  Apr,06,2009 Joke of the day. Why don't I have a job?

[marker]  Apr,04,2009 The future of transportation.

[marker]  Apr,02,2009 In honor of civilization.

[marker]  Mar,30,2009 Free Beer and Morality

[marker]  Mar,29,2009 Seeing me and Julio down in the schoolyard

[marker]  Mar,28,2009 The forgotten Balance of Nature ... good ole Pit Bulls

[marker]  Mar,27,2009 Don't Sell Your Soul

[marker]  See yourself in a "space"suit

[marker]  Mar,22,2009 A Day in the Life...I need to cool my head (a 3.5 Meg .flv)

[marker]  Mar,22,2009 A Sunday Sermon for the First Day of Spring (In defense of bears)

[marker]  Mar,21,2009 My Last Words

[marker]  Mar,19,2009 Synchronicity II

[marker]  Mar,13,2009 Don't read will make you go crazy!

[marker]  Mar,9,2009 Joe, to Ground Control, over

[marker]  Mar,5,2009 My lost soulmate.

[marker]  Mar,4,2009 Heat as indicator of life.

[marker]  Mar,4,2009 Finally , I figured out Time

[marker]  Mar,2,2009 God suggests I get a wife.

[marker]  Feb,26,2009 God responds to request for anti-gravity

[marker]  Feb,24,2009 Signalling thru Time

[marker]  Feb,23,2009 A Message from Dr. Strangelove

[marker]  Feb,22,2009 Joe's Wedding Vows

[marker]  Feb,21,2009 Joe asks God about his pain.

[marker]  Feb,20,2009 What_if_the Taliban_ruled_the_world?

[marker]  Feb,19,2009 Sometimes I think I'm really screwed.

[marker]  Feb,2009 Remember How Lucky You Are

[marker]  Jan,2009 CandyGram for Mongo



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