The perlshop-z scripts

The first store I ever setup was Perlshop. It was easy to understand and free to modify. As I learned more about Perl, I started to modify it as a learning experience. This is the result. I don't like javascript, or complicated code, so my version is stripped down. All the javascript is gone(it didn't work well with later versions of Netscape or Mozilla). Since I didn't use First Virtual or any of the Paypal stuff, I ripped all that out, and just put in a sub-routine to connect to Bank of America. You can easily modify the subroutine to use whoever your online verifier is. I have added improvements, like using for the ReadParse, encrypting the CC numbers( a cc number is never written to disk unencrypted). To do testing offline, I made a BankofAmerica Response Simulator, called The Perlshop Script sends to it, and itsends a response back to the approval script. You must edit the scripts to use your server settings. I have improved the csv database system. It takes a properly formatted CSV file, and generates the page catalogs, and individual item pages. It also puts a table of catalog sections at the top of each page. It is called csv2html, and a sample SHOPCART.CSV is included.
Everything is in the zip file, except I only included a few sample photos and thumbnails, for the sake of package size.
Just unzip it in your public_html directory, and all the necessary files and directories will appear. These are the default locations for everything under Perlshop.
. Things to do:
--try to get some taint checking for perlshop.cgi input variables
--add automatic inventory control( I added an inventory entry in the csv).
--add "package tracking" for UPS,and FEDeX.