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Linux and programming

Linux has the world in it's hands.

These are a collection of scripts that I wrote, posted mostly on perlmonks.org
on the usenet, and on various perl related mailling lists.
Some may contain code fragments pulled off of the usenet. I have used them as
examples of doing various perl programming operations. Some are written correctly using
strict and warnings; while others are just code snippets. Feel free
to look thru them, and use their ideas. Most of them were written by me,
but some snippets were aided in development by various experts
on http://perlmonks.org , perl.beginners maillist , or Perl usenet newsgroups, who have
offered free assistance as they tried to pass on their knowledge of perl.

Most are graphical user interfaces, using the Tk or Gtk2 toolkit. I like gui's.

Feel free to use any of this code, but be careful if you try to sell it.
It has been given freely to the world.....


Scripts and Snippets
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Perlshop-Z ... a simple online store demo