the state of the news

... one of the more notable news item
today, is a story that Russia has developed
a nuclear rocket, one that is actually
powered by a nuclear reactor

... we always feared the days of nukes in
space, but the world's nuclear fleet has been
around along time, right here on our oceans

... it's probably safe enough, considering all
the risks we are taking now anyways

... ugh, the earth's oceans have become a
polluted mess, I don't even want to think
about it

... my big worry? Killer robots that run
like dogs, with onboard machine guns,
grenade launchers, and killer poison darts,
all targeted by a laser directed computer
controlled "mind"

... that Russian rocket engine, it's technically
a very nice design

... it has a very big design hurdle however,
in that there is no way to radiate heat away
from the reactor

... the solution is to release millions of
droplets of coolant in space, then have a
downstream collector catch and recycle the

... the surface area of the billions of
droplets, spherically increased the
heat given off to space as radiant heat

... I've surmised, and seen reports,
that the military-industrial complex on
all sides are working on nuclear-powered
low altitude jet engines

... it really makes you think about what
is happening now, dosn't it?

... it seems that we are in some
permanent war economy, where there is
no way for people on all sides to
want peace because it means their
fat paycheck would disappear without
arms manufacturing

... it's a shame, because we could have
spent all those war trillions on
replacing the water and sewer systems
of the whole country

... or build a new generation of well
maintained bike lanes around the US

... stuff that truly would help mankind

... at the risk of sounding like a
religious advocate, what this country
needs is belief in an Emperor-god

... if the people please the gods,
the gods respond and give good things
to earth

... a new Emperor, who truly looks out
for the common man, at the expense of
the fat-cats

... a link between the earth and heaven,
focused on one man who passed all the
tests of honor and integrity

... a voice forwarding the Will of Vishnu

... from what I understand, his name is
Lord Kalka, scheduled to come in around
4 hundred thousand years

... I learned something interesting
in advanced spiritual knowledge

... as depicted in most memes out there,
a mystic yogi leaves the body thru the
top of his head, the bright light of his
soul beaming itself to another planet

... that's all true for a yogi whose
aim is another material planet

... but those who are thru with the
material world, exit the body thru
the anus

... symbolizing that the body just
craps you out

no copyright, 2018 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna