externalizing corporate costs

... a recent mention of an old Ralph Nader book,
Unsafe at Any Speed, got me thinking about
what is the fundamental underlying problem?

... get the zen nature of it: "under lying",
meaning somewhere, someone is, or was, deceitful,
and the cause of the problem

... I realized that the concept of
externalizing corporate costs, to
make a buck, is how they do it

... instead of fixing a problem
in your product, you create it
anyways, then hope there arn't
too many complaints, especially
involving maming and death

... then you ask the public to
accept the risk and all long term debt
obligations, because they surely will
just go bankrupt, and not pay

... dirty bastards, just dumped the
problem onto the public, and made a quick buck

... should the oil industry
be sued for all the long term damage
in the form of various asthmas, and other
claims like that the subways have toxic air,
because of Diesel dust accumulation?

... reading a news story today, I realized
the biggest scam ever perpetrated
on the public, are the waste ponds
of all the mines dug out West during
the recent mineral extraction rushes

... people just dug holes, extracted
all the gold, or whatever out, spent
the money, died, and just left these
giant potential problems to their

... they probably thought: "its the middle of
no-where, f*ck it."

... great-grandpa externalized the cost of
his enterprise, by creating huge debt
on his great-grandchildren

... that is the root of the karmic
problem, the underlying, root force,
the real cause of the problem, the lying ying

... yeah, the ying, you know who you are

... automotive air pollution experts
will tell you there is alot more
pollution, especially from old
vehicles, than they would lead you
to believe in the movies

... alot of old junkers, alot of them
spew a real smelly mixture of something bad

... I bet alot of money is made by
dumping the costs on to the public in
that way

... its not safe to breathe all that

... I used to ride a bicycle, and would
if I could, as if I was King of the World,
I would convert it all to bike and
pedestrian walkways, be like the old
Incans, walk, run everywhere, you
would like it if you were born into it

... long distance running would be a
valued skill

... I think bicycles are the appropriate
level of technolgy for this developed world

... use Rickshaws, put men and women back to
work pedaling, rather than burning hydrocarbons

... hey it will be full employment!!

... Like I said, I would if I could

no copyright, 2019 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna