the illusion of Maya

... Prabhupada said that the illusion is
actually real, it's just that we think that we
are to be the enjoyers of the world, when in
fact, God is the enjoyer, and we have upsurped
His enjoyment to be our own, and yet we are just
His servants, God must be pissed at us human souls

... we think we are free, but we are actually
God's or the Universe's Property... our Soul
is independent of Earth

... I heard where Socrate's crime was to
believe that he had a soul, an eternal soul

... can you believe he died for claiming that?

... Good news, God has heard California's
prayers for water, and has dumped 71 Trillon
gallons of rain over recent days
... more to come tommorrow
... its disasterous floods, and general
environmental disasterous stuff
... God said you prayed for it
... You ask, God delivers

... there is a reason no one ever really
settled that area

... today was my bhakta_joe birthday party,
I changed my nym to bhakta_joe, since
I've come to see Vishnu controlling the

... I think Vishnu's 8 arms are actually
the controlling Entity in our 8 dimensional
cosmic structure

... if my name gets you to realize that the
8 dimensional Entity, Vishnu exists, and is the
owner of this entire world, then my life will
have been a success.

... it has been a long time since I wrote,
my consciousness is telling me to quit
wasting time in the material world, it's
like spiritual masturbation, an orgasm of the

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If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna