how to face your Maker

... at my age you start to contemplate death,
more and more often, we all are going to die,
its only a matter of Time, so one might be well
advised to figure out how you are going to
explain your life to God when you do die

... its no human judge who you stand before,
its your Maker Hisself. The question will
be asked to explain all your actions on
earth, and why you should not be punished
by keeping you here on earth, for many more
lifetimes, to pay off your karmic debts

... if you know what I mean, then I don't
need to explain it to you,
if you don't know what I mean,
you are lost beyond salvation

... so there it will be, the final scene
of your earthly existence, explaining yourself
to the BIG SPIRIT HIMSELF, Great Chief of

... this is a quote from my Srimad Bhagavatam
Material enjoyment is indeed the cause
of all unhappiness, but one cannot give it
up unless one has personally experienced how
much suffering it is. Therefore one should
be allowed to remain in so-called material
enjoyment while simultaneously advancing in
knowledge to experience the misery of this
false material happiness. Then, without
help from others, one will find material
enjoyment detestful. Those whose minds
are changed by others do not become as
renounced as those who have personal experience.

... it says its good to feel pain, because
it reminds you that this earth body existence
is painful

... it relates to my situation:
a man will feel pain with each step,
yet he will still plod on, in the hopes of
getting more material pleasures

... you can't talk about the pain, unless
you have really experienced it,
its like a male preacher telling a woman
he understands the pain of childbirth

... its the only solution which makes sense

... if you want one piece of advice, remember
to ask to see Vishnu, Vishnu will take care of the

... don't ask for Mama, or think of your sweet
girlfriend, just ask for Vishnu

... its amazing how many people forget that
simple fact

... what an illusion we are under :-)

no copyright, 2019 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna