gravitationally challeneged

... I laughed at a George Carlin euphenism
about being fat, he called it being gravitationally

... all my life, I have fought, and seldom won,
the Battle of the Bulge.

... Mea Culpa, what can I say, I like to eat,
I am gravitationally challenged

... this may be my adious to zentara, the unicorn
which brought me so far. I have decided that my
zentara persona, has reached its goal, and has
attained emlightenment, but has also fortunately
grasped at mukti, liberation, which is a far
cry above enlightenment

... once you realize mukti, nothing on earth
is important, except to ask that the many
generations which preceded me, and created
me, be granted mukti too. They fought to
create me, a spirit who would sacrifice all,
to save all, to get a chance at returning the
tribe to heaven

... God bless all my ancestors, and the sadhus
who still carry the torch of life on earth

... so zentara dies, only to be turned into
a Phoenix, waiting to free the lost tribe

... my last thoughts are: I want to go to
Antartica, and I'll sign a waiver

... strange dream, eh?

no copyright, 2019 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna