the stress energy momentum pseudo vector

... according to the age old tale of the
Gordian Knot, the mythology was that the man
who could untie the Gordian Knot would be
the true king

... slicing it open dosn't count :-)

... today we see where the true Gordian Knot
is, it's in the the here-to-fore-hidden
multidimensional space

... the Gordian Knot is the Cosmic
Stitching which holds the dark matter,
us, and the Dark Energy together

... it is the unseen fabric of Space and
Time, in multi-dimensional space

... it is all the stuff beyond the i,j,k and
x,y,z. It is the workings of the creation
fields in the multi-dimensional space

... we start to get an inkling of the magnitude
of the extra-spatial dimensions when we add a t to
the x,y,z and analyze x,y,z,t as a set. Then
our globe becomes a spiraling noodle
of event sequences, which the German's
referred to as the "spinning wave".

... we each trace out own own Akashic Records,
our live's actions all recorded on the
indelible sub-space all around us

... as the earth spins and spirals thru
space, our live's events are written out,
like a phonographic recording, where we
ourselves are the recording needle onto
the multi-dimensional substrate

... there isn't any hiding from the demi-gods
and Vishnu

... whoever can figure out how the future
creation fields manifest themselves ,
as reality, they would have untangled
the fabled Gordian Knot

... it is the true Hero's journey

no copyright, 2018 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna