I'm not as crazy as I thought

... in an earlier thought, I said that
Prabhupada said that a man who is not afraid
to die is crazy

... well, that must have just been an
off-the-cuff response, because the
Srimad Bhagavatam says otherwise, and
I'm sure Prabhupada is aware of it

From the SB:

Therefore by practicing the mystic yoga
system one must become detached from bodily
relationships. If despite practicing bhakti-yoga
and studying all the Vedic literature, one is afraid
of giving up his bad body, which is the cause of all
his suffering, what is the use of his attempts to
advance in spiritual life?
The secret of success in practicing yoga is to become
free from bodily attachments. Srila Narottama dasa
Thakura says: one whose practice has freed him from
the anxieties of bodily needs is no longer in conditional
life. Such a person is freed from conditional bondage.
A person in Krishna consciousness must fully discharge
his devotional duties without material attachment. Then his
liberation is guaranteed.

... I was watching Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey
and was interested when he said that reading
The Upanishads is what saved him.

... Campbell says that the only truly universal
desire in humans is the desire to transcend
the material world, which is in complete
agreement with Krishna Consciousness

... he also says that our consciousness exists
at the boundary layer between the inner world and
the outer reality; and that the hero's journey
is making decisions about what we experience
at that boundary layer

... he asserts, and I agree, that the proper
choices at the boundary layer will open
doors that others may not see

... opening those doors is the hero's journey

... he advises "follow your bliss"

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If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna