the oppression we all fear

... let me tell you an interesting tale
about freedom in America

... for one reason or another, when I turned
62.5 I decided to collect early social security
money. I was sort of coereced into it, because
for some reason I ended up needing a walker to get

... in the due course of Time, I was justified,
and a great deal of karmic debt is involved, for which,
I will not accept a money payoff.
People who take the blood money are fools.
I want my pound of flesh, as Shakespere would say.
May The Will of Vishnu prevail.

... so back to my social security, when I
actually turned 65, I found that I was entitled
to Supplemental SSI money as well for being 65+.
... hey, OK I'll take some money, since inflation
has eroded my original checks to half its value

... now comes the hammer, nearly 2 years later,
a Ms. Johnson at the SS office says I need to
try and collect VA benefits, or they would
cut off my SSI and garnish my SS check for
return of all SSI back to early 2017. This
amounts to thousands of dollars.
A multi-thousand dollar penalty, for being
a veteran, who dosn't want to be part of
the VA system.

... Ms. Johnson also said that in order
to avoid my funds being taken away, I would
need to keep communication going with
her, and fully cooperate with all VA requests.
... Ms.Johnson: a fitting name when you are
getting screwed in the ass by someone

... I see it as the Military-Industrial
Complex, turning the screws on me to
conform to their lie telling. Our
military has become The Beast of Biblical

... the first thing they try to do is quiet
you, the message is keep your mouth shut,
and don't discuss the lies which are foisted
onto the public

... this opens a can of worms, which I
agreed to keep closed when I was discharged
from the Navy. I was threatened with criminal
bodily damage, and with death while in the
Navy, from the command chain.
Obey, or get f*cked up

... I got out OK. ...all I want is to be as far away from
anything doing with the military ... there
is too much bad karma in their system from
the illegal wars just fought

... too many innocents have died as sacrifices
to the gods of Babylon, the wars have returned
losers, not winners. Dosn't that tell you something?

... I think I'm am being coerced into the VA
system, so that they can have legal right
to control me and do their medical experiments
on me.
... they force you to sit in waiting lines for
hours, then make you talk to some flunk-out
adviser, and possibly force invasive physical tests
like x-rays and drawing blood

... for the record: I refuse, and please, Ms Johnson,
next time use vasoline.

no copyright, 2018 by zentara If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna