heading for the crash

... I mention Krishna Consciousness, so much,
that I thought I would end the confusion, and
state simply, like in a Dummies book, what it
is all about

... first of all, we all are living in a very
degraded spiritual age, so your mind isn't
primarily on God anymore, we often willingly fall
prey to pursuits of material pleasure

... that is our fault, and is why we are
separated from our Eden-like condition,
our collective human consciousness has been
so polluted with corruption and evil, for
so long, we no longer have a belief in
God's control

... Krishna Consciousness says that a great
gift has been bestowed upon us miserable
lost modern humans

... the gift is, that if you properly
chant the names of God, in the forms of
Krishna and Rama, their powers will come
and improve your spiritual well-being,
and prepare you for a return into Eden.

... so all you have to do is chant their
names for a few hours per day, and your
chances of going to heaven will greatly

... and if you know that you are going
to heaven, when you die, all miseries
on earth seem insignificant

... the chant is called "The Maha Mantra",
and to do it properly, and without offense
to God, 4 rules must be observed.
No meat. No intoxication. No illicit sex.
No gambling.

... it's as easy as that, to get onto
God's doorstep, but how many people will
actually take the offer?

no copyright, 2018 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna