how do you know what's real?

... in this age of automation, video CGI technology,
and fake news, how do you know what's real when
you view it in the new age cyber-world?

... I'm hazarding a guess, developed in my days
of fighting the Great Illusion of Maya, that
whats real, is this:
"if you get that strange inkling that you
are selling your soul, then it's probably bad"

... it's all a game to capture your soul, and
keep it incarnated here on earth, locked in
prison by the Higgs Boson, to eternal sub-light

... the illusion on Maya is strong, it captures
you with the sticky web of desire, a need to
feel sensations

... but the earth is turning into a shithole
of half-starved, overheated craziness

... this earth, surely cannot be heaven

... you have to kick the Higgs

... I advise everyone to look at the world
with your God-Consciousness alive, and predominating
in your mind

,,, there is only One God,
the Supreme Consiousness

... when you separate yourself from the material
reality, with the knowledge that your eternal
soul has returned to God's abode, then your
life was successful, and you kicked the Higg's
Boson addiction. I salute you. Hare Krishna.

no copyright, 2018 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna