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... I often am mentioning
the Srimad Bhagavatam in my rants, so I want to
share some of it with you, so you know why I

From the Srimad Bhagavatam publishers:


We must know the present need of human society.
And what is that need? Human society is no longer
bounded by geographical limits to particular
countries or communities. Human society is
broader than in the Middle Ages, and the world
tendency is toward one state or one human
society. The ideals of spiritual communism,
according to Srimad Bhagavatam, are based more or
less on the oneness of the entire human society,
nay, on the entire energy of living beings. The
need is felt by great thinkers to make this a
successful ideology. Srimad Bhagavatam will fill
this need in human society. It begins, therefore,
with the aphorism of Vedanta philosophy to
establish the ideal of a common cause.

Human society, at the present moment, is not in
the darkness of oblivion. It has made rapid
progress in the field of material comforts,
education and economic development throughout the
entire world. But there is a pinprick somewhere
in the social body at large, and therefore there
are large-scale quarrels, even over less
important issues. There is need of a clue as to
how humanity can become one in peace, friendship
and prosperity with a common cause. Srimad
Bhagavatam will fill this need, for it is a
cultural presentation for the re-spiritualization
of the entire human society. .....

Disparity in human society is due to lack of
principles in a godless civilization. There is
God, or the Almighty One, from whom everything
emanates, by whom everything is maintained and in
whom everything is merged to rest. Material
science has tried to find the ultimate source of
creation very insufficiently, but it is a fact
that there is one ultimate source of everything
that be. This ultimate source is explained
rationally and authoritatively in the beautiful
Bhagavatam or Srimad Bhagavatam. ....

Srimad-Bhagavatam begins with the definition of
the ultimate source. It is a bona fide commentary
on the Vedanta-sutra by the same author, Srila
Vyasadeva, and gradually it develops into nine
cantos up to the highest state of God
realization. The only qualification one needs to
study this great book of transcendental knowledge
is to proceed step by step cautiously and not
jump forward haphazardly as with an ordinary
book. It should be gone through chapter by
chapter, one after another. The reading matter is
so arranged with its original Sanskrit text, its
English transliteration, synonyms, translation
and purports so that one is sure to become a God
realized soul at the end of finishing the first
nine cantos.

... The mission of human life is to
realize one's self and then gradually to go back
home, back to Godhead.

... When you really understand this, you are at
the point of liberation

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