state of mind, state of world

... I get a chuckle out of the fact that
the recent crazy shooting spree's perpetrators
have all been on some kind of Big-Pharma

... it seems to be hushed out of the
mainstream talk and news

... but, to be honest, the people of
the modern world are depressed, and in
need of something to keep them from
going suicidal ... most just drink

... the young turn to sex, and the associated
delusions of bright happy futures together

... the karma of this modern world is
so f*cked up, that it is hard to tell
whether people are just victims of society,
or, are they truly just f*cked up people?

... the world just keeps getting heavier
with people, moving at a faster pace of
life, spinning faster than what is normally

... things wobble out and crash, it's old
Murphy's Law

... imagine a world where everyone was made
to walk, and run, like in the
pre-industrial humans

... it makes me depressed just to think
about it

... my only way out is to appeal to a
higher order of beings, then you hear
about Vishnu and Krishna

... the SB says that Vishnu is superior
to both Brahma and Lord Shiva because
Vishnu never accepted a material body,
whearas Brahma and Shiva have

... and once you accept a material body,
you become part of the duality of the
material world, and thus have to deal
with the problem with sex

... the desire for sex fools us all,
but Prahbupada says that sex desire is
the root driving force of this Kali-Yuga

... so you are damned if you do, damned
if you don't

... a crazy depressing world when you
think of it, complete and utter futility,
yet we plod onwards

... the only hope is to make it to see
Vishnu and be good enough to make it into
the Vaikunthas

... the SB also says a really great
devotee will gladly go where God sends him,
just happy to serve Vishnu's will

... but me, I want out of the material
world, these human bodies, which we
occupy are too prone to breakdown

... it's the pure spirit world for

no copyright, 2018 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna