visiting Lord Shiva

... visiting Lord Shiva, and dreaming
of Mohini

... I was trying to relate to a friend
the power relation between Vishnu and
Lord Shiva

... Vishnu is the Maintainer, and ultimate
gatekeeper for our souls entrance into the

... Shiva is the Destroyer, and collector
of our souls at death, who delivers us to
stand before Vishnu, would will decide
our next material incarnation, or, be
allowed to stay in the form of our
spiritual form, and live in the

... long ago, Vishnu and Shiva fought it
out as to who was superior, since Shiva
is the number one Devotee of God

... they fought and fought yet were
always coming to a draw, until Vishnu,
who has a thousand forms, all male, except
for one, who was female, named Mohini

... Mohini seduced Shiva and thus Vishnu
defeated Shiva, so Vishnu is Number 1 man,
but Shiva is close, except for his weakness
to succumb to the enticing female, of
whom Mohini is unsurpassed

... I advise all SuperBowl players to
stay home tonight, and avoid the seduction
by Mohini

no copyright, 2018 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna