nope, Krishna's Monkeee

the Sterile Cockpit Rule:

Number 1:
Keep the stewardesses out of the
airplane cockpit at takeoff

Number 2: check and recheck everything

... I remember the narration which begins
the movie "The Book Thief", which in
the spirit of death muses that "it's funny,
when men go marching off for war, little do
they know, they are marching towards me"

... I've been finding fascination in the
old war documentaries, which show the true
origins for many of today's problems

... even though I despise war, I have to
admire the heroics of the soldiers, it's
almost like the male version of the female's
childbirth experience

... nothing tops putting your life, right on
the line, do or die, for your squad-mates
or your mission

... watching the defeat of the French in
French Indo-China... Dien Bien Phu ... ooooh

... now, I thank Krishna for my protection

... this morning, I saw the protective fences
and barriers used around the stadium where the
SuperBowl will be played

... remember, anything that is supposed to keep
others out, is also used to keep YOU in

... I don't care about sports anymore, although
I used to, american football is such a beautiful
game in it's essence of strategic play, it's a
shame to see it get so brutal

... from my readings about God, Krishna loved to
play various games with the cowherd boys, and
he would even let them win sometimes :-)

... Prabhupada says Not to Gamble, so other
than saying that, it seems that gambling
on sports is what is ruining it, but
you can't stop people on the sidelines
from making a bet

... I wonder if Krishna and the cowherd
boys would like baseball? An eternity
of playing baseball with Krishna

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If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna