being Krishna's dog

... it's cold weather blowing in,
but the sun is just nice enough
to make it pleasant to be outside
for a few minutes

... learning to tolerate the cold
is the secret increasing your metabolism

... I read that it is better to be
a dog of Krishna's, than to be a dog
of maya

... if you know what that means, I
applaud you, if you don't, you should
find out

... it's just like the people who
think that it's better to be a lion
in hell, than a lamb in Heaven, only

... I saw a documentary from the
American Experience, about a near
disasterous H bomb explosion in
Damascus, Arkansas, where an old
Titan 2 ICBM exploded in it's silo,
throwing an uncontrolled 7 megaton
H-bomb a few hundred feet into
a ditch

... luckily it didn't go off because
it's electrical supply was blown off

... the reporters on the scene said
that when the nuke device was hauled
away on a flatbed, it reportedly
has written on it's side:

... that's sort of Zen

... but don't worry, if you are blown
away in an accidental nuclear accident,
and as you find yourself standing before
Lord Shiva, the destroyer, just remember
Tell Vishnu that I would rather be a
dog of Krishna than a dog of maya


no copyright, 2018 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna