the science of un-involvement

... I've learned that demons, as well as pure devotees,
can be Krishna Conscious people,and that when
Krishna kills them, they too get promoted to the

... even though they seem demonic to us,
as crazy invisible forces which determine
our luck and fate in life, they too
were doing the will of Krishna

... the material world is a wicked place,
one lifeform tries to devour another, an
endless cycle

... as Alan Watts laid out, if you could
imagine the wars going on inside your own
body, in your blood and guts,
bacteria cells fight a giant war for
survival in a battle of balance,
which occurs in your bodily fluids,
your prescious bodily fluids

... the balance constantly shifting,
but hovering near a certain point on
the scale, which you call healthy

... the government has gotten very
corrupt over the years, but like the
story of internal war above,
"who is to say what side should you take"'s like the story of Arjuna, who
didn't want to fight the battle because
he saw many relatives and friends on
the other side

... it's all happening because Vishnu
allows it, so who is to question the
"Will of Vishnu"?

... there is the story in the Mahabharata,
where the prince dies in battle, only to
find his enemies are awaiting him in
heaven, for an eternity of friendly
cocktail parties

... the Krishna Master Prabhuda says
it's best not to involve yourself
in political issues, because in
this Day an Age, you really can't
be sure who really does have God
on their side?

no copyright, 2017 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna