the fragility of the eco-sphere

... with all the political drama dominating
the news lately, we overlook the more serious
threats to our existence, coming from
the harsh cosmos itself

... we grow up believing that the biosphere
around is something super-stable, and that
it can be taken for granted, as apriori,
something eternal and unchanging

... we gaze at the sun in awe of it's
warmth giving properties, and praise it,
almost as our number 1 demi-god. All life
comes from the sun's energies

... all things utimately come from the
sun's energies, past or present

... the blue sky, when we look up at
it, is not some magical shell put there
by God, it is just a thin, very thin layer
of gasses, without which, we are dead

... real outerspace is so inhospitable
to the human life form, that we must
stay in our little gasseous protective

... without our atmosphere, we would
be fried by uv radiation and cosmic
rays from the wonderful world above

... life could only exist in the oceans

... I like the air breathing world, it
has some real advantages, the primary
one being that you get the chance to
learn about God/Krishna, and the world
beyond this one.

... your soul must evolve out of this
earth, leave the air world for the
pure energy world

no copyright, 2017 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna