the rewards of suffering

... there is alot of sufferring going
on in the world now, and people are
starting to scream out why would a
good, just God, who supposedly
can control all events, would let
people suffer like this

... it's called karma and free will.
We did this to ourselves. Humans like
to drive cars, and they like to believe
it's a totally innocent act, sanctioned
at the highest levels of heaven

... then the consequences of climate
change come every now and then, and
take a big bite out of humanity

... but who is causing all this ratrace
conditions on earth? It isn't God, He
saw we were bad seed alongtime ago, and
kicked us out of Eden

... the cause is us, people who want
a high energy lifestyle, and who
need to burn more than food, to get it

... when you learn the real truth about
how cars have destroyed humanity, you, like
me, will curse Henry Ford's name

... tractors were good, cars were bad

... cars have completely destroyed the
village concept, destroying that sense
of locality, which makes people feel
happy, and at home

... the powers that be, are trying to
replace that sense of home, with a
cyber identity, which is at home in

... so much for Labor Day, a holiday
celebrating the unionization of the
car workers in the American factories
of Detroit

... maybe it's my curse to bear this
truth, since I was brought up in Detroit,
during it's heydays of making millions of
gas-guzling cars

... and now I know the truth, if you want
to blame any one technology for your life
being a mess .... it's cars

... from the destruction of localities, to
foul polluted air, to fat bellys and weak
knees, to wars for fuel to feed them,
to extinction bringing climate change,
cars have done more to ruin your chance
of real happiness than any other modern

no copyright, 2017 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna