leaving the human race

... the earth's ecosystem is dying, thanks
to overpopulation, and the wanton waste
of resources

... the leadership has abandoned all
responsibility toward the environment, and
instead pad their pocketbooks, by the
relentless pollution of the air, water,
and ground, resulting in a mess
of a planet ... they even worship
this false idol of money, thru things
like the "Dow Jones Average",

... the only wise thing to do is leave
this planet, and despite what Elon Musk
says, you can't do it in rocket ships

... the only way out, is by soul travel

... no amount of money on earth, can
buy you a good clean soul,
it can only be done by purifying your consciousness

... it is easier for a camel to pass
thru the eye of a needle, than it is for
the rich to attain heaven

... the rich have chosen to have their heaven
on earth, at the expense of many wars, much
pollution, and the probable extinction
of the human race as we know it

... God thru the human race out of Eden,
and now we know that it was the right thing
to do

... I would throw the human race off of
earth, if it was in my power, for what
has been done to the planet. I welcome
human extinction. The closer you get to heaven,
the more you think like God.
Humans are a f*cked-up mistake. The great
Lord Brahma did'nt take into account that
we would turn evil, and worship money, sex,
power, and the Golden Calf. It's not Brahma's fault.

... when you find yourself dead, and
without a body, your soul best be prepared,
or you will be stuck on earth, probably
as cockroaches, which will be about the only
lifeform left, suitable for the decrepit human souls

... you have to wonder why this bad shit keeps
happening to the humans? We never blame our
own species for the fruits of it's greed and lusts.

... a friend of mine once asked me to explain
it all from God's viewpoint. And I said
"God wants us to fullfill our desires, and
so he lets us indulge in our bad habits until
we die from them"

... it's a pretty good deal on God's part,
considering most of us have turned their
backs on listening to the
Supreme Consciousness long ago

no copyright, 2017 by zentara

If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna