quantuum entanglement

... I saw in the news today, that the
Chinese are perfecting a quantuum
entanglement device for long range

... theoretically it could mean
communication with the moon and

... no more speed of light barrier

... no more speed-of-light delay from
the moon, or even Mars

... it boggles the mind how it
actually works, but it does, it's
one of the secrets of the
multi-dimensional universe

... as for myself, I see that
we are all linked by the quantuum,
by virtue of the fact that we all come
from the same swirl of burnt stardust

... all those atoms, all those quarks,
like a giant strand of Vishnu's flowing
cosmic hair, are what we are

... and all of our quarks, and whatever
other energies of which we are made,
are synchronzied to that event

... they burst forth into space-time,
and become the Time Wave, which we
ride, calling it the present moment

no copyright, 2017 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna