it just goes to show you

... yesterday I was ready to chop the hands
off of some thief, old testament justice

... today, I find out it was all a

... it always pays to wait, before invoking
a curse, a cry for justice before God, asking
for a fair return from the forces that run
the material world

... according to Prahbupada, in this
Age of Kali-Yuga, we all are in the
sudra class... the lowest of the low,
when it comes to spiritual powers and

... in our age, we create events solely
by the "sweat of our brow", we need to
work to create anything

... in the spiritual realm, one just thinks
it, and it is true, because it conforms
with harmony and future prosperity derived
from the Brahman Effulgence, it does the
pure Will of Vishnu, who is the ultimate
guardian of all of our souls

... but sometimes, as part of your
spiritual training, Vishnu allows
your thoughts to become Real, to teach you
how it all works, in the World outside of
Linear Time

... I have been reading about Maharaja Prthu,
the greatest man-king ever, Pure Perfection,
so good even Vishnu appeared for him

... his thoughts were pure gold, and happiness
and prosperity just emanated from him.

... he knew that he would be judged by how
he delivered the souls of mankind, back to
GodHead, to Heaven

... the people realized this too, so they
worked quite happily, knowing all was in
Harmony with Vishnu

... both King and subjects prosper by making
returning souls to the Godhead, the number 1
priority in all things

no copyright, 2017 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna