smash your little fingers

... someone pilfered my main digging
shovel last night, and it made me think,
what punishment would I give as karma
justice, to the culprit?

... I heard that the Curse of the Brahmana's
is about as serious as it gets, but it's like
Pele's volcanic rock, it bears a curse until
it is returned. Pilferer beware.

... Whoever took it, will know it when it
happens. Karmic Payback muthaf**ker.

... it's Sunday, and I think,? is this a
good attitude to have? Or should it be the
route of forgiveness?

... my attitude is forgiveness is given by
God, not me, I'm free to point my finger,
all the way to infinity, at you, whoever
you are.

... maybe God will forgive you, but I don't

... of course, you might say, shouldn't an
enlightened monk be above this sort of petty

... you probably are right, but I'm in an
especially bad mood right now. :-)

... and I'm chanting to Shiva, and what do you
think I have on my mind.

no copyright, 2017 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna