when the sh*t hits the fan

... I just saw a documentary on the Battle for
OutpostHarry, an old Korean War documentary

... best I ever seen, plus the person who
led to me being here, is the son of a Bronze
Metal hero from the battle for OutPostHarry

... strange synchronicities

... so bad, they had to have their own artillery
and mortar batteries aim upon themseves, at
point (zero, zero), to clean off the swarming
enemy, who were slaughtered on the bunker's

... the soldiers going there were told,
Hold at all costs, which meant they
stay there living or dead, they win or they die

... I have to admire the functional solutions
which the troops displayed

... number 1 was to spray other tanks or bunkers
who were on our side, with 50 cal machine gun
bullets, to swat the enemy off of each other,
like they were flies... clever thinking

... the art of war is advancing so fast, that
most us would yern back for the simplicity of that
world where sprays of lead decide fates of whole

... I have thank Krishna for guidance in all
things, and am grateful I did not have to face
a hold at all cost situation in this

... in that vein, I guess the hold at all costs
challenge we all face, if just surviving itself,
so the human race moves forward

... I was thinking today, what will be my
first words, if I find myself born....
hari om

no copyright, 2017 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna