tux and tmux

... I've been trying to figure out how
to spend my mental time until I die

... I can't quite chant Hare Krishna
24 hours a day, so what adult toy can I
get to play with, to occupy my mind, and
help keep my sanity? Computer programs,
of course. See, it's like the old gold miner's
saying of ,the real way to make money off of
gold now, it to be a hardware store that sells

Same thing now, it is not thru programming machines,
to make money. It's writing programs that run other
programs, in a single multi-command console.

Just imagine a single screen with 20 or more
mini-screens embedded in them, like tmux does

... each of those command windows are secure
shell connections to 20 other computers
like the camera in the backyard, the
security camera in the main room,
a set of command windows, which you
click to enlarge to
fullscreen command inputmode

... the Real McCoy command console, connected to your own private computer network. All cheap, the Raspberry Pi has a new version that can control a
remote camera for less that $5. The cameras use usb power, but are easy to connect. So with relatively small cost you can outfit your
entire area with cameras, watch them from anywhere in the world, from your smartphone or computer

... but all things done, all things must be done
for Vishnu, to best serve Krishna

... it's better than doing crossword puzzles,

... I bet there is some poor schmuck programmer, whose
job it is to sit in a cubicle all day, and watch over
20 secure shell root connections, to as many servers
as his mind can handle

... connected, up there, to the cloud

no copyright, 2017 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna