currently in flight

... it's off to the moon we go, and
we are currently in flite, and past
the point of no-return

,,, I realized today that you don't
get rich writing programs, you get
rich by writing the programs that
automatically write the other programs
for you

... functions in spacetime, coded
into a c-library, which would give
an interface to the AI Artificial
Intelligence libraries, wherein
when a voice is heard certain actions
are to be taken

... my elusive dream: create the perfect
C library, the one that will revolutionize
processing, even optimized in ASM, Assembly Language

... I think coding takes your mind into
that other side of the brain where
everything is cool and calculated

... I often wonder if I look as crazy
as my mind is, considering what I done

... I was telling that to myself,
to not be questioning the meaning of
existence, that the goal is to
attain Krisna Consciouness

... and then do what It instructs you
to do ... then you are psychic

... I sit here and chant The Shiva
Chant, which I love, because if you
were going to be anywhere other than
Krishna Conscious, it would be in
the camp of Lord Shiva, who is, the Supreme Devotee in the material world, of the Highest Consciousness, Sri Krishna

... where you are at now is a complete
waste of time, you must seek Krisha,
The Supreme Consciousness

... I told a neighbor today that the
true measure of a wealthy man is that
if everyday he wakes up and can do want
he wants, when he wants, he is a wealthy

... wealthy in Time

... the poor impoverished ones have to
get up and do what another man tells him
to do

... I went deep into the Rabbit Hole and
come out the Gopher Hole

no copyright, 2017 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna