going to the moon

...to the moon, Alice, to the moon,
is not just an old Gleason joke,
Alice was my mother's name

... as as you can imagine, it affects me

... history writes the greatest novels,
with the characters and situations we

... going to the moon for Helium3 seems
so cold and remote for most of us, that
we fail to see the deep spirit-energy
drama which plays out in that quest

... go take the quintessance of the
Moon spirit, bestowed on her by the
Sun god, and bring it to earth to
power it's fusion reactors... to give

... and the Moon Spirit allows it, like
a mother giving milk to it's children

... all we have to do is get up there,
and suck that teat

... if there was one gift I could leave
for humanity, other than the one true
... the hearing of Krishna, the God,

... it would be that it's time to get
Helium-3 from the moon

... it is sanctioned by the highest
demi-gods as good for the human race
and planet

... I can't believe it myself, but
it has actually gotten to the point
where we all will be living off of

... unbelievable, the earth princess,
bestowed with POWER from the moon spirit

no copyright, 2017 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna