view from the top of the mountain

... the one lesson I've learned lately
is that one must become a Devotee of
the Lord

... it's the one and only True Path to
get out of this material world, and that
pursuit is the only worthwhile one can
have in a human lifetime ... to be on
the consciousness level where one can glimpse
into Heaven, and desire to go back there

... the brief flash of consciousness between
2 dark eternities

... I watched a great video called "What the Bleep,
Down The Rabbit Hole", wherein very conscious
professors describe quantuum mechanics, and
the parallel event strands, which we call

... I ladies and gents have gone down the rabbit hole

... I learned that the truth spoken in that movie is
this: the world's greatest truth is that "both the rich
man and poor man have one great thing in common, and
that is that they both can create the future"

... I've been talking about it for years, event sequences

... I had the chance to tell a friend, about how the
great Krishna Book, the Master's Degree Book, The
Srimad Bhagavatam is essentially about this:
A great Mahraja, was cursed to die by snakebyte
in 7 days, and he accepted it.

... he so deparately wanted back into heaven, that
he chose to die from the snake byte, instead of counteracting
the curse, with his great prowess

... he decides "What am I going to do for my last
7 days of my life? He decides to sit on a riverbank,
collect alll the wise sages around him, and ask them
to teach him about Krishna( God), the whole story

... why are we here on earth? God kicked us out of
Eden, because we are errant souls, into the temporal contamination of
our material dimensions, and we are stuck
until we learn to make friends with God

... the Big Message is that There Is Another World,
a better World, where 90% of all souls are good
souls and live in the heavenly, non-material dimensions

... only the lowest 10% of us, the lowest spiritual
criminals, come to the material world, where, if we
are wise, spend our time trying to get the Hell out
of here, into our Eternal form

... life is extremely short compared to Eternity

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna