the difference between karmis and transcendentalists

... there is one big choice you get to make
when you have a human form: to transcend
or to stay in the material world

... only humans get this choice, and it
divides people into 2 distinct types:
those that think they will live forever
as a human, and those that know that death
is just around the corner, no matter
who you are

... the people who think they will never die
are called karmis, they include the
young and other people who just can't accept
that human life is only temporary. They go
around believing their life will never end,
or that there no end in sight.

... This serves the karmis well, because they
need to the be under the illusion that going to
work everyday, and the benefit it accrues to
them, will somehow last forever. It makes
the day-to-day pain bearable, because they
believe they will eventually enjoy the fruits
of their labor ... thus they are called karmis,
because they are trying to make good karma

... the other category of people, called the
transcendentalists, know that at any instant
death may take them. This makes them concentrate
on God and the consequences of their human actions.
It's hard for a transcendentalist to have fun,
because he knows fun comes with a cost.
The transcendentalist's only relief is knowing
that this human form is only temporary, and
when death comes, he is released from the
cycle of birth and death in the material world.

... so where is the thought of your own death
your consciousness? Is it pushed far away, into
the depths of your subconscious, or
is it your primary conscious thought?

... what category are you in?
Karmi or Transcendentalist?

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
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