dreaming in a nightmarish world

... earth is the interface between heaven and hell,
you make your choice

... if because of your ignorance, you find yourself
in hell, you have to choose to be purified, just
like you ask a doctor for medecine

... when the purification process comes to cleanse
you, it seems that the whole world is full of demons
out to attack you

... the fact of the matter is that yes, it is
happening, it is not all some paranoid delusion

... you must hang on to your sanity, and just
accept the process, and once completed, the demons
just fade away

... the devil itself will evict you from hell,
once you have attained the mode of goodness

... hell does not like goodness, and if you
radiate it, you are expelled

... that is how you fight the demons of Kali Yuga

... however, you must be be ever vigilant, because
the temptations afforded by the modes of passion
and ignorance are always there, surrounding us in
the material world

... they are always there, along with the demons
who demand payment for engaging in their pleasures

... eventually you realize that God owns everything,
and there is a price to be paid for everything
one takes from the world

... as Prabhupada says, if you build a skyscraper,
then somewhere else someone has to dig a hole

... there is always a price to pay

... at first, you do not want to believe that God
owns everything, especially our own bodies, which
we like to call our own

... but God owns it, by virtue of the fact that
He owns every atom and subatomic particle in the

... everything we eat is taken from the earth,
milked from the earth, and depending on our
mode of nature, what we eat is transformed into
our material body

... if one eats and lives in the mode of goodness,
then our bodies become good, however, if one eats
in the mode of ignorance, then the body's
regeneration is faulty

... this is psycho-somatic link, the long sought
after missing link

... the evolution of consciousness, is the true measure
of evolution, not physical form

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna