my dream place

... I'm seeking to move locations, and
thought: what improvements can I make on
the excellent place, which I occupy now

... a realtively warm location, but
cold enough winters to knock the bugs down

... sandy locations are good, as I garden in
buckets anyways

... at least 10 miles out of town, and not
on a busy street, I prefer to ride a bicycle,
or walk

... a camp where no vehicles are allowed,
and where all vehicles are parked outside
the habitable areas.

... bike lanes and foot paths connect everyone

... no tobacco smoking, no smoky outdoor fires,
use propane to cook, or an electric hotplate
... preferrably no fires for cooking, fun,
or whatever. Fires to clear land only.

... smoke disturbs the mind, and is uneeded
in this modern world, you actually are living
more simply, if you can avoid burning wood

... if you need to warm up, take a walk

... have at least a water hose available at the
door of my camp, so I can wash my feet, before

... the Japanese habit of taking your shoes off
indoors, is a good one

... preferrably, no gasoline powered tools,
chainsaws, or whatever else they pollute the
air with now-a-days

... no loud music, no meat eating nor hunting
with guns

... no gun use period, guns can be kept, but
not fired except for emergencies, like for wild
dogs, or to signal for help

... gunfire is extremely disruptive to meditation,
because it triggers the fright or flight
response in our nervous systems, loud noises
do that, there is a special neural pathway,
which bypasses the brain

... it's also a form of gangster intimidation,
which I personally despise

... no gangsters allowed

... should be able to get commercial parcels
delivered to an accessable address

... eveyone gets 1/8th acre to camp on, and
grow their survival garden

... no widespread Glycophosphate use (no Round up)

... everyone gets an extension cord, and they pay
for what they use everyone month

... and I'll say it last, but it should be listed first,
I want to be associated with people who are in the mode
of goodness

... there is goodness, passion, and ignorance.
I seek goodness, and I want to move to find it.

... goodness it is the preferred route to
Goloka Vrindavin, KrishnaLoka

... I'm interested in people who are in the mode of
goodness, and accept Vishnu, and if you know what
that means, I want you as ashram_mates

... simple, clean camping, in modern times

... and finally, I believe in the right to private
property, so I expect to have a small area where
I can keep 1 locked door

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna