who wins the real game?

... everyone thinks money, glory, or fame
is the goal, they are fools

... the real winner, is the one who can
see the MK-Ultra mind conditioning for
what it really is, and beat the programmers
at their own game

... that is what has been happening to me
i suppose, all my life, resisting the control
which women try to impose on you, thru
civilization, and the consequential mind-control
programs needed to keep the modern fools
in ignorance, and truly on a leash

... reminds me of the debauched circuses of
ancient Rome ... keep the ignorant masses drunk
and show them circuses

... it is still bread and circuses to this
very day, interrupted by wars, and famines

... Krishna teaches that there are three modes
of material nature.

... First, the mode of goodness,
which is guided by Visnu

... Second, the mode of passion, motivated by Brahma.

... Finally, the third mode, the mode of ignorance,
is guided by Shiva

... what mode are you in? ... and can you beat
the mind control programming being run on you?

... are you the winner? Can you beat the system?

... the real winner escapes, and his soul transcends

... the losers are lost in the material world

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna