thoughts on the full moon

... now that the election is over, I would like
to share one teaching from the Srimad Bhagavatam

" It is very appropriate to compare a powerful king
like Prthu to a lion. In India, katriya kings are
still called simha, which means "lion." Unless
rogues, thieves and other demoniac people in a
state are afraid of the executive head, who rules
the kingdom with a strong hand, there cannot be
peace or prosperity in the state. Thus it is most
regrettable when a woman becomes the executive head
instead of a lion-like king. In such a situation
the people are considered very unfortunate.

... sorry Hilary

... the other thought I keep having, is why do
we blame the Russians for trying to influence
the US elections? Isn't that like the pot calling
the kettle black? How much money has the US spent
covertly trying to influence the Russian elections?
For that matter, how many legitimately elected
foreign governments we're overthrown by US backed coups?
...probably too many to list..

... furthermore, why blame the Russians for the horrible
situation in Syria? When the US destroyed the Iraqi power
structure in the Second Gulf War, all the unforseen
consequences which followed became the fault of the US

... the misery in Aleppo is the fault of the US,
we broke the political stabilty in the region, and it
is our fault ... why blame the Russians who are just
tring to clean the mess we left behind?

... so once again, sorry Hilary, you and your bunch
who orchestrated the so-called Arab Spring are to blame

... get off the Russian's backs. The Russians have
consistently been our allies in any big war, and
in the war against arab-extremism they are the best
friends we've got

... may Trump roar like a lion, and fix the mess left
by the previous administrations

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna