thoughts on the flat earth

... I recently saw a blog discussion about
modern people who still believe that the
earth is flat

... I have been scientifically trained,
and probably have more ideas floating
around in my mind about the true nature
of reality than most

... this is what I observe

... first, we all can agree that we live
in spacetime, not just space. This is the
basic truth which Einstein brought to the

... next, there are 2 ways of looking at
spacetime. One way, which is the conventional
view, is to focus on space first, which
constructs a 3 dimensional Cartesian axis
which extends to infinity in all directions.
Then, after the 3d space is created, we account
for change by inventing the concept of passing Time,
which we measure by ticks on a clock

... this view is the accepted view of modern
science, and it's primary focus on space results
in our seeing a rotating globe, which we call earth.
The earth itself is then traversing thru Time.

... this is the globalist view of the world,
and serves science very well.
There is really nothing wrong with it, and it
allows for launching satellites and understanding
our local area of the cosmos

... the second, and alternative view of spactime,
focusses on the passage of Time first, and only
views the flat portion of earth in our immediate
vicinity. The flat disk zone, which we each exist in,
extends in all directions to the event-horizon,
which for humans is roughly a kilometer or so.
This is a psychological event-horizon, and we
seldom pay attention to events occuring over
a kilometer away

... we each exist in our little spacetime bubble

... so we do not see ourselves on the surface of a
globe, spinning round and round. What we do see,
is our little spacetime bubble progressing forward
in Time

... this is what most humans observe psychologically,
their little provincial zone, progressing through Time

... this view of spacetime, primarily focusses on Time,
instead of space, and this results
in one seeing life as a series of event sequences, which
extend from our birth to our death. We are strands
of consciousness, progressing through the sea of
spacetime, one event at a time.

... the Srimad Bhagavatam clearly states that God
is Time. The world as we know it, is the feminine
Space, which is nothing unless it is impreganated
with Time to make SpaceTime, which is our reality

... so existence is a sequence of events, thru Time,
not just a body spinning on a globe

... the earth as a whole, is the integration of all
the event sequences, of all the small flat earth
segments, and when viewed from outer space,
it appears as an oblate spheroid, a globe

... so, it all comes down to how one chooses to
view the sea of SpaceTime, in which we find ourselves,
as we get a momentary flash of consciousness between
2 dark infinities, the eternal past, and the eternal

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna