the difference between North and South

... I woke up in the middle of the night to write
this, I feel compelled

... what kept me from sleeping was a NPR news
host, who I heard last Saturday morning,
grilling a republican congressman and Trump

... some NPR reporters should just stick to
reporting sports, because this one in particular
showed absolutely no geopolitical sense and
put forth an idiotic schoolboy argument

... the reporter became very critical of the
congressman for wanting to secure the southern
border with Mexico, saying shouldn't we also
secure the Canadian border too. The reporter
tried to make the congressman look stupid for
wanting to secure the Mexican border but not
the Canadian one.

... the congressman should showed great tact
and didn't verbally explode on the reporter
for his ignorance, but I will do it for him.

... so, why a southern wall, but not a northern

... first of all, it should be obvious to the
casual observer of the news, that there is big
trouble in Mexico. Even Obama's State Dept. has
issued warnings for Americans to stay out of

... The cartel corruption is widespread,
killings of news reporters and innocent civilians
occur almost daily.... mass graves, kidnappings,
drug violence, extortion and bribery of officials
is the normal state of affairs down there.

... there is evil running loose in Mexico, and
we need to stop it from spreading north of
the border.

... in particular, what must be watched for is
the cartel bribery tactic of take the gold
or take the lead
, which the cartels
have successfully used to take control of local
political leaders, the military, and the police.

... if this tactic crosses the border, so will
cartel control of our southern states

... compare that situation to Canada and our
northern border, and it is obvious tht the
southern flank needs protection, not the northern

... as a matter of fact, there are so many
Americans wanting to emigrate to Canada, that
Canadians want a wall to keep us out. Canada
is a civilized country, and people want in.

... as a matter of my personal opinion, our
armies should be removed from Middle East wars,
and sent to northern Mexico to restore order

... of course, building a literal southern wall
is foolhardy, but a wall of sorts can be built

... we should arresting all who don't come
thru designated checkpoints. We should be
watching all politicians, police, and appointed
agents for taking bribes from south of the border

... you do not want cartel control crossing the
southern border

... so there it is Mr. NPR reporter, that is why
we must protect our southern flank. Wake up,
or stick to sports reporting.

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
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