all for the want of a good king

... I truly believe that the best form of
government is the good king

... a king who takes his position seriously
in the spiritual sense, and dosn't sell
his peoples out for a few dollars put
in his bank account, instead he rules
in the best interest of all the people,
and is willing to die poor, rather than
corrupt himself

... but sadly, just as Diogenes searched
in futility for an honest man, we modern
people still search in vain for a good king

... in the absence of a good king, the next
best form of government is a democracy, wherein
we, the people, are allowed to choose between
the lesser of 2 evils

... and as one astute political commentator
put it, when you are forced to choose between
the lesser of 2 evils, election after election,
you eventually end up with almost pure evil running

... democracy itself dosn't last long, and eventually
an oligarchy of the rich and powerful takes control

... all we can hope for now, is that the leaders
emerging in the ranks of the new oligarchy, rule
wisely, as if their very souls depend on it

... one of the frequently told stories from
Krishna Consciousness, is about a saintly man,
pointing out some ants on the ground, and
he states that the ants, all of them were
once kings

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna