me and Jimmy Kane

... I was just watching a youtube on
the financial crisis of 2008 and they
claim the whole collapse was started by the
pot-smoking Jimmy Kane, who was the
first domino to fall, in a long line
of corrupt bankers and greedy individuals,
who profit out of keeping loaning the
government more and more money

... you want a revolution? All you
need to do is stop all this deficit
spending, and watch all the Phd's and
families start to live in campgrounds,
because they weren't rich enough to live
where conditions are more orderly and

... if we keep on becoming a culture of
death and killing, it shows bad karma
for the future

... the coming world conditions are so
ominous, considering over-population and
the dwindling eaarth resources

... the beautiful earth is shriveling
up, like an old lady, she's going to
throw on her shawl of ice, that's the way
planets are, thats how they control the
itchiness on their surfaces

... I guess in the big picture, that is
when many souls shall be judged

... I'm about to chant to Shiva, and it's
the Rod from God which I need to inquire
about ... who protects us from the Rod from
God now, as I write and as you read

... funny, how smoking ganja affected Jimmy
Kane's life, versus the way it has affected
mine, but it was pointed out by the narrator,
that it's different when you have a company
to run

... lucky me, I have no company to run, no
bad karma of my own to deal with, so I
can enjoy my time and be able to think
thoughts like these

... like the Rod from God

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna