we live in a great country

... one thing about Krishna Consciousness, and
Prabhupada's teachings, is the assertion that
the United States is a great country, and we
should all be glad to live here

... just to be able to go into a store and pull
all sorts of food off of the shelf, is a luxery

... we Americans should not take that for granted,
because there are starving people all over the world,
who would just love to sift thru our garbage cans
for food

... Prabhupada says that America became great because
we give credence to God, as a matter of fact, that
is what separates us from the French, whose French
Revolution started the whole democracy movement,
wayback when

... the difference between us and the French, is
that our American Revolution, and its constitution,
says that our rights as men come from our Creator,
and not from some king or group of men

... that gives America some Transcendental powers

... but, Prabhupada also goes onto say, that once
embued with great power, if the nation does not
use it wisely, the flip side will happen, and the
misbehaving nation will become weak and poor

... it's a lesson that America is facing in the world,
right now .... are we to lead with Righteousness? ...
or will we just become another failed Imperialist power,
like all the ones who have fallen throughout history?

... in this regard Prabhupada relates the parable
of the Dissatisfied Mouse

... it seems a mouse was dissatisfied with his position
in the world, and went to a saintly holyman and
asked for help

... the holyman asked the mouse, "what's your problem"?

... to which the mouse replied, "everyone wants to kill
and eat me, especially the cats, can't you turn me into
a cat so my problem will be solved?"

... sure said the holyman, you can be a cat, and off
went the mouse turned cat

... a few weeks later, the cat returns to the holyman
and says, "I'm unhappy", to which the holyman said

... the cat said "dogs", all the dogs are out to
get me, could you please turn me into a dog, so
that I can be happy?

... sure said the holyman, and off went the cat
who was turned into a dog

... a few days later, the dog returns and says,
"I'm unhappy, there are bigger dogs than me,
and packs of dogs which attack me"

... the holyman said "what would you have me do?"

... the mouse replied "make me a tiger, so I shall
have no fear of dogs"

... the holyman granted the request, and off went the

... a few weeks later, the tiger returned to the
holyman and said "I am unhappy"

... the holyman said why are you unhappy? To which
the tiger replied "I feel guilty about eating other
animals for meat, all I do is kill and eat others"

... the holyman said "do you like to eat meat", to which
the tiger replied "yes", then the holyman said "do you
want to eat me?", and the tiger replied "yes".

... then the holyman said "I will turn you back into
a mouse"

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