the bewildered herd

... the American public runs freely thru spacetime,
like the giant herds of buffalo ran thru the
open plains

... just running fast, guided by the herd
instinct, which tells them to follow the
herd leader, all the while being confined
by the stomping hoofs of those shoulder to
shoulder with him ... they doing the same
thing as him

... run wildly, even if it is off a cliff,
just follow the leader, even to Mars

... like a school of fish, the public
consciousness swirls around, as everyone
is seeking companionship because they can't
find happiness anymore within themselves

... that is why the bewildered herd needs
to have their faith in the Supreme Consciousness
restored so that they realize the truth about
the laws of KARMA

... there is only one way out of this trap,
and that is to appeal to the Supreme Consciousness
and ask for judgement now

... spiritually transcend earth, rockets will
get you nowhere but death in outerspace

... get on the spiritual path to perfection

... the ultimate goal of government is supposed
to be to put its citizens on that path

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna