how to rig an election

... the invisible government runs deep,
and controls almost everything we see and

... if you understand the concepts put
forward by Edward Bernays, the father of
modern advertising and public relations,
you know what I mean

... rule number 1 is keep the public
confused, the bewildered herd, as Bernays
likes to refer to the public

... the herd can be more easily manipulated
when they are confused and frightened

... doing that is the job of the media

... rule number 2 is always elect people
who will protect the previous administrations
from prosecution

... so, as hard it may be for the bewildered
herd to understand, the invisible government
wants Hilary Clinton elected, because she
won't rock the boat, she is in their pockets

... now how do you ram someone as unpalatable
as Hilary down the throats of the American public?

... simple, you arrange to have a total buffoon
run against her, almost ensuring everyone will
accept Hilary, thus maintaining the illusion of a
fair election

... the politburo could not have down a better job
at arranging a single candidate election

... so in essence, Trump was nominated, knowing
full well he would lose

... Trump started out well, talking about the
conspiracies which haunt Washington, endearing
him to many who wanted a straight talker in

... but once he was nominated, it has been a
slow decline into buffoonery, almost as if
he intends to purposely lose

... is it too hard to believe that this was
all arranged right from the very beginning,
in the secret meeting rooms of the invisible

... once Trump even off-handedly joked to a reporter
that he really didn't even expect to win, he
is just playing his part in the dog-and-pony
show called Washington politics

... he will probably collect his payoffs later,
as the invisible government rewards him for his

... so Hilary is being forced upon us, just
as the Soviets used to do, with their
single-party elections

... isn't the 2-party system great?

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
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